St. Elizabeth/Coleman is one of the longest standing Adoption agencies in Indianapolis, serving since 1915. We are excited to be able to assist you in completing your family. Adopting is a journey, and our staff wants to ensure you are offered support, care, and compassion along the way.

  • Adoption preparation program: Ensures a complete adoption process resulting in placement through our agency
  • Relative and step parent adoption home studies: Includes home visits, individual and conjoint interviews, background checks, CPS checks, finances, references, & physicals
  • Lifelong counseling and support: For adoptive couples before, during, and after placement, as well as, adoptees

  • Education/Advocacy: Third party voice with your best interests in mind
  • Home studies: Certifying your family is prepared for adoption
  • Required post placement visits: Completed and sent back to the country
  • Lifelong counseling and support: Support for our families for life
  • Nationwide agency partnership:Will consider working with any agencies

  • Online: Websites for adoptive families
  • Books: For both adults and children explaining adoption and the process
  • Financial assistance: Tips and resources that allow you to afford adoption

  • Transracial/Transcultural training
  • Domestic Adoption General Information Meeting
  • All Day Adoption Training

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