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Welcome to St. Elizabeth / Coleman

St. Elizabeth/Coleman is one of the longest standing Adoption agencies in Indianapolis. St Elizabeth/ Coleman has been helping women and children since 1915. We are excited to be able to assist you in completing your family. Adopting is an exciting journey.

We offer quarterly General Information Meetings covering the comprehensive information you will need in your consideration of an adoption plan. Applications are available at each meeting.

We offer the following services to Indiana Adoptive Families:

  • An Adoptive Parent(s) Preparation program to ensure a complete adoption process. This program includes individual interview with adoptive parents, home visit, adoption and parenting training, as well as reference and criminal history check.

  • Individual Interview- Professional and supportive adoption counselors gather personal, medical, and financial information.

  • Home Visit- A home visit by a licensed social worker will be conducted to assure birth parents that their child will have a safe and secure home.

  • Adoption and Parenting Training- Adoption is not a one-time event, but is instead a lifelong process. It forever joins the birth and adoptive families. Throughout the homestudy and counseling process, adoptive parents and birth parents are educated about adoption issues so that the best possible plan can be made for themselves and most importantly for the child.

  • Reference and Criminal History Check- Reference and Criminal History Check will be conducted to assure birth parents that their child will have a safe and secure home.

  • Counseling and support for families wishing to adopt children with medical needs, and transracial and transcultural adoptions.

  • Individual counseling is available upon request for families considering an Adoption Internationally of a child with special needs.

  • Transracial and Transcultural training will prepare and educate families for the issues of transracial/transcultural adoption. We believe it is important for families to explore and address these issues. We would like to assist you in raising healthy children in healthy families.

  • Our adoptive family support group meets on a regular basis to give our families a place to come and share what is on their hearts and find encouragement from our qualified, compassionate adoption team and other families on our waiting list who share in the anticipation of becoming adoptive families.

We at St. Elizabeth/ Coleman are committed to provide lifelong support and services to birth mothers, children, and families, setting us apart from all other Adoption agencies in Indianapolis.

Adopting a child is a wonderful way to build your family. We are here to help you begin your journey. Our agency's services and support are for a lifetime.

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