Support St. Elizabeth | Coleman

Participate in Walking for Dreams Family & Pet Walk

Time: Registration @ 1:00pm
Step Off @ 2:00pm

Location: Downtown Indianapolis on the Canal at Buggs Temple.
11th Street between Meridian and Dr. MLK Drive

How to Participate:
1. No set registration fee! Create a goal for yourself and decide how much money you’d like to help raise for St. Elizabeth/Coleman. Ask family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to support you or join your Team.

2. Register. Go to and fill out your information and select TEAM HOPE - Leader Christine Higginbotham.

3. Make a donation. If you are registered or if you’d like to support a walker, please make your donation at Otherwise, please mail or drop off donations to St. Elizabeth/Coleman at 2500 Churchman Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203. Please make all checks payable to St. Elizabeth/Coleman.

4. Attend the Walk on Sunday, May 21st. Last minute donations can be brought to the Walk .

5. Celebrate! Know that you are helping a wonderful local organization serve those in need right here in Indianapolis.

Thank you for supporting St. Elizabeth/Coleman!

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