John is moving on!

John DiCicco

Facility Manager

John has been fantastic employee at St. Elizabeth| Coleman for many reasons. John has been our facility's manager, but his tasks go way beyond his job title. John is always available to lend a helping hand. He begins his workday hours before the office even opens. He knows how to fix just about anything and maintains our beautiful landscaping. He is the person behind the scenes, that we could not do without. John is a hardworking person, but always finds time to make us laugh. John was here when we had the maternity home up until 2007. He was the man to call for all things related to our 2500 Churchman building. With the sale of this building to St. Vincent de Paul they knew they wanted to keep John and all his wonderful knowledge and know how of how to keep a residents program running.

When not at work, John enjoys spending time with his family. John has been married for over 30 years and has two sons. They enjoy hunting and playing paintball together. John has adorable grandchildren who he would do anything for. 

St. Elizabeth| Coleman will miss and always cherish the memories John has given all the people he has helped through out the years. We wish John all the best as he starts on his new journey with St. Vincent de Paul in their endevour of running a shelter at the 2500 Churchman building.