Profile: Bobby and Maren

“We know you want the best for your child...”

We know that an adoption plan is an incredibly difficult, but brave and selfless decision to make. We know that you want the best for your child, and we promise to raise him or her with a foundation of belief, and strong values so that he or she will grow to be a remarkable and kind person.

Meet Bobby and Maren

Bobby and Maren met as camp counselors at the YMCA.  They were friends first and then began dating.  They married in July 2002 amongst friends and family.

Bobby has a Master's Degree in English and Creative Writing. He currently works as a writer in communications at a local university. He enjoys working in higher education because it allows him to apply his skills to help others. In his free time, Bobby collects superhero comic books and has a deep love for all things Star Wars.  He is creative, laid back, carefree and optimistic.  He absolutely loves being a dad.  One thing Liam and Bobby enjoy doing together is going to Colt's games.

Maren has a Master's Degree in Fine Art from Tufts University and is finishing her thirteenth year teaching art at an independent parochial school.  She also owns and operates an art studio and teaches classes to others.  In her free-time she enjoys running, swimming, gardening and reading. Maren also enjoys traveling and visiting new places. She especially loves camping and lets Liam take his best buddies on adventures.  Maren is very creative, compassionate, calm and patient.

Bobby and Maren adopted their son, Liam, from St. Elizabeth | Coleman in 2009.  Liam has grown into quite an independent young man, who enjoys reading, creative play, dance and music. Liam plays in a local children’s orchestra and is in the boy scouts. He really loves participating in all active sports. Liam is also very excited about being elected to student government at school and being on the math team.  He is very excited and quite ready to become a big brother.  Together, they enjoy many family activities, such as vacationing, camping, visiting the Zoo or Children's Museum.

Our Story


Maren is compassionate, patient and nurturing. She is also creative and loves expressing herself through art. Maren loves participating in social activities with Liam, attending orchestra and dance practices, watching athletic games and going on fun trips to national parks and beaches.  She loves time with Liam spent reading in the evening and daily talks on the rides to and from school.


Bobby has a gregarious personality and works well with others. He currently leads a teen group at church and naturally connects with this age group.  Bobby is patient and kind with Liam and able to break down challenges into manageable steps. Bobby contributes to Liam’s love of history and politics and is drawn to creating positive community building. 


Our family has been blessed by adoption.  In addition to the adoption of our son Liam, Bobby has a sister that was adopted.  We are very close to our siblings. Maren has a sister who lives only ten minutes away and Liam has grown up with his cousins Maddy (who is one week younger) and Jack (who is just a few years younger). Maren also has a brother who lives out-of-state who recently started his own family and has a son Griffin.


We moved to our home in 2014. It is a ranch style house with a finished basement, over 2500 sqft of living space, and a lovely yard.  Our home is located in a family-friendly neighborhood with a pool.  Our home also consists of our school and church located in downtown Indy where we spend a lot of time.


We love being close to both sides of our families and have found a close network of friends as well as a loving school and church community. One of the things we love about our school and friends is the diversity of backgrounds and willingness to serve in our neighborhood. We are active in our church, which is traditional in liturgy but open to all participants and diverse in its membership. We value the insightful sermons and Godly play stories in Sunday School that help us morally navigate our lives in community with others. 


After the adoption, Bobby and Maren would greatly welcome an open or semi-open relationship with their child's birthparents, assuming they are comfortable with that. They will happily keep you updated with regular photos and letters.   

Interests and Hobbies


  • Writing
  • Comic Books
  • Reading
  • Watching Football
  • Science Fiction
  • Home DIY projects
  • Travel


  • Art- painting, and ceramics
  • Sewing and knitting
  • Gardening
  • Swimming
  • Reading
  • Running


Together they enjoy going to dinner or shows; however, they also like to cook and love eating dinners at home.  "Together we also love traveling and having adventures."


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