Profile: Chris and Laurie

“We would love to honor you…into the beginning of our family story.

"We cannot begin to imagine what you are going through to make such a courageous decision for you and your baby. We would love to hear your story! Then, if we can, would love to honor you by folding it into the beginning of our family story. We will continue to prayer for you and your family, for peace of mind, and for confidence in whatever decision is made. We can't promise you or your child the world, but we do promise to respect and honor you, to teach him or her about you, we promise your story will not be forgotten."

Meet Chris and Laurie

They met in 2014 when Chris came to do electrical work, he tried to asked Laurie out, but she thought he was married!  A mutual friend straightened out the situation and they were married in 2016. They met later in life than most couples, but by that time they knew what they were looking for in a life partner. "We both knew the other was "the one!"


"Because our faith defines who we are and guides our decisions, our child will be raised in a Christian home with the same Biblical principles and goals we hold for ourselves. However, as a child grows into an adult, we believe it is a God given ability for individuals to choose what they believe in." Chris grew up in Indiana and had been an electrician for almost 20 years. He now works as an account manager. Laurie is a pharmacist for the cancer unit at their local hospital.

Our Story


"My wife Laurie is very loving and a caring person. She is a bit of an introvert- not sure how we ended up on a date - but does open up once you get to know her. She's sweet. She's a hard worker with a good work ethic. I like she’s not a damsel in distress. And I like that we can trust each other."


"Chris is very extroverted, likes to have fun and be goofy, extremely loyal (he makes huge efforts to stay in touch with old friends) and family-oriented, believes in tradition, and oddly sentimental! He is the hardest working man I know and thankfully very mechanically inclined. I love how he likes to do thing, whether it be traveling and going out with friends, building a garden shed, or learning how to smoke pork."


Chris' family is local. They have weekly Friday night dinners at his parent's home which includes us and our dogs, Chris' sister, Kami, and family and dog. And sometimes Laurie's mom too, it's a house full! His aunts, uncles, and cousins are close-knit, we celebrate all major birthdays, every Thanksgiving and Christmas together as one big extended family. Our family makes 2-3 trips a year to Wisconsin to visit the other side of the family. Chris grew up boating, waterskiing and snowmobiling with his family. He and his dad have been going to the Indy 500 race together every year since he was 15!


Laurie's family is about an hour north into Michigan. Her mom comes down to stay often and calls regularly in between visits. She has one brother, Phil. Her mom makes good use of the standing invitation to all of Chris' family events. They visit Laurie's family when they are in town and she has family in Florida who they visit as well.


"We bought a fixer-upper from the 70's (complete with yellow counters!) and turned it into our 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath, newly remodeled home! Entire main level, including the kitchen has been redone. Our home sits on two lots, so lots of grass to mow, with a fenced in backyard. We have a neighborhood full of friends on the water!"


"We live in a smaller, well-established, and very active neighborhood. We're always hanging out at someone's house out on the water, checking in on the older folks, and shooing geese out of each others yards. 


They would like to share pictures and letters through the agency. 

Hobbies and Interests


  • Indy Car Racing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Water Skiing
  • Building things/wood working
  • Boating


  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Music/Theater
  • Kayaking
  • Nature


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