Profile: Dan and Lauren

“We respect and recognize the difficulty of the decision you are making”

It takes a great deal of courage to come to decide to place your baby for adoption. We hope you have a wonderful support system and are praying for you and your baby. We have always known we have wanted children and after dealing with years of infertility, we began to pursue adoption. We promise to cherish and love your child with everything we have and to provide a safe, happy home, and life with every opportunity possible.


Meet Dan and Lauren

Dan and I met on Our parents were both happy we met someone we had such an instant connection with and we were almost inseparable from the beginning of dating. We dated for a year before we decided to move in together. Not long after that we were engaged and we were married in July 2014. We have been married for over five years and are ready to raise a family together. We are eagerly anticipating getting to embark upon a whole new journey of parenthood together.

Dan graduated with a nursing degree from IU-Northwest in 2011. He achieved his Master of Science degree as a Nurse Practitioner in 2017 from Purdue. He currently works as a Nurse Practitioner. Lauren graduated from Valparaiso University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Management in 2007. Lauren has worked at Walgreens since 2007 where she has worked her way up and is now a store manager. Both Lauren and Dan have stable careers that they love.

In their free time, Dan and Lauren enjoy traveling, going on family vacations, and spending time with friends and family. In the summer, they enjoy going to Lauren’s parents’ house to swim and be with family. Dan and Lauren live near parks and bike trails which they are looking forward to introducing to their child.

Dan and Lauren have a close-knit family, including their dogs Bella and Rascal. They enjoy spending time with their families as much as possible. Family gatherings and holiday traditions are both very important to Lauren and Dan. Both families are eager to welcome a new member into their family.

Dan and Lauren are ready and prepared to welcome a Caucasian or Hispanic child into their family. They plan to attend a Transracial / Transcultural Training to learn about different cultural values and traditions. They would love to have an open or semi-open adoption with their child's birthparent(s). They look forward to having visits through the agency and sharing updates with their birth mom.

Our Story


Lauren is intelligent, loving, and a hard worker. She's the best mom to our dogs and I can't wait to see the love and nurturement she'll have for our future child.


Dan is a caring and very dedicated to our family. Being a nurse, he is very compassionate and calm which I think will make him a great father. We can't wait to finally experience the joys of parenthood together.


Dan's mother and father were great role models in terms of raising Dan. Him and his family always ate meals as a family growing up and got together with extended family often and still do to this day. Dan has one older sister and has many memories with her growing up. Family continues to play a big role in Dan's life today. Dan's parents live nearby and are eagerly awaiting their first grandchild. Dan has many cousins with children and can't wait for the arrival of their newest playmate! Dan also has an adopted cousin and an aunt who is adopted too. Everyone is very supportive of their adoption journey.


Lauren's parents also live nearby and are eagerly waiting for their first grandchild to love and spoil. Lauren and her younger sister were always supported by their parents growing up and grew up in a loving and nurturing home. Lauren's parents own their own catering business so cooking and food are at the heart of their home. Lauren looks forward to one day continuing traditions such as family dinners with her own family.


We bought our forever home in 2015. We live in a 2200 sq. ft ranch on .37 acres. We have a fenced yard and a covered back porch, with plenty of room to raise a child. Lauren's parents have an inground swimming pool, so we anticipate spending plenty time swimming and having BBQs there.


Both of our parents live near us, so we see them quite a bit and anticipate them being very involved in our future child's lives. We were both raised Catholic and we plan on raising our child(ren) in the church. Lauren is active in doing many events in the community through her work which include philanthropies such as Relay for Life, food pantries, and local festivals and parades. Lauren looks forward to involving their child(ren) into these events in the future.  Our families and friends are both very excited to start new family traditions and welcome a little one to our family.


Dan and Lauren are interested in an open or semi-open adoption and desire to have communication with you that you will respect you level of comfort.

Hobbies and Interests


  • Playing the drums
  • Trying new Mexican restaurants
  • Spending time wih family and friends


  • Working out
  • Swimming and spending time outside in the summer
  • Spending time with and going for walks with our dogs
  • Spending time with family and friends

We enjoy going on family vacations and traveling together. Since married, we have gone to places such as Aruba, Mexico, Las Vegas and Florida. We also enjoy driving up to Michigan for the day to spend time in New Buffalo. We can't wait to take our child(ren) to Disney World one day where we went many times as children. We look forward to starting new traditions with our families one day.


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