Profile: David and Melissa

"We are excited to complete our family through adoption.

We cannot imagine what you have gone through to come to this difficult decision. We recognize the strength and the selflessness that it has taken to put your needs and wants aside.  We are excited to complete our family through adoption.

Meet David and Melissa

We are both compassionate individuals, who come from families that want the best for us.  We have lots of love and support to give and have wanted to become parents as long as we’ve been together.  After many years of being unable to become pregnant, we have decided to adopt a child. Our families and friends are excited about our future and are ready to welcome this child with open arms. We long to become parents. We have planned well for the future and maintain a nice home that is welcoming and comfortable.  We agree that our future child will be well-rounded and worldly. We love to travel and cannot wait to show the world to our child.

In our marriage, we are a team and have great respect for one another. David and I take care of each other first, before ourselves. We are both great at communicating with one another. We love each other deeply, and have been able to navigate through any challenges that come our way.   

David and Melissa are an interfaith couple. Melissa is Jewish and David is Christian. Melissa continues the Jewish traditions that she was brought up with. David is religious in a private way. As a couple, Melissa and David respect and appreciate both religions. “It makes for a fun home environment around the holidays."

Melissa is outgoing, fun-loving, personable and caring.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.  She currently works as a registered nurse at a hematology/oncology practice. She enjoys caring for others and finds her career fulfilling.

David is quiet and thoughtful.  He is a "go getter"! Being an engineer has afforded him to grow as a person, see many things and travel to places that he would not have otherwise known about. He loves his career.


Our Story


Melissa is very personable, caring and keeps a close relationship with family and friends.  One of Melissa’s many qualities that I appreciate is that she is reliable and trustworthy. She can always be counted on! Melissa has a huge heart.


David is incredibly loving.  He would rather do things for me than himself. I could not ask for a better partner to walk through life. David always allows me to be myself, and find my way.  David is also very patient. There isn’t much that rattles him. He is supportive and keeps me grounded.


David has one younger sister who is married with three children. David was raised to understand that a good education is essential in preparing for the future and that leading a good life is setting the best example.


Melissa is the oldest of three.  Melissa has one sister, and one brother.  She was raised with core Jewish beliefs, where traditions, family and education are very important. Melissa's family is loving and lively. She has a strong relationship with her parents; she talks with them daily. Melissa’s father taught her to maintain a strong work ethic, as well as anything from how to throw a softball, to driving a car. Her mother was always supportive of Melissa and raised her to be a strong, independent woman.


David and Melissa live in a two-story home that has over 2,000 square feet of living space.  It sits on .25 acres. They own two cats: Jeffrey and Lulu. David and Melissa enjoy spending time at home together on the weekends.  David enjoys yard work, and gardening outside. Melissa enjoys adding special touches to their home, and cooking dinners, that she knows David will enjoy.


The community that David and Melissa live in is family-centered.  On any given day, children are playing outside, or families are outside walking their dogs.  Many young families live in the community with small children. As the seasons change, the neighborhood is decorated to celebrate the holidays.  

The community as a whole continues to grow and change.  There are always new restaurants and stores opening up. David and Melissa love to explore new places around town (whether it be shopping or going to new restaurants).


We believe it is very important that our child knows about their birth story and how they became part of our family. We plan to share with him or her that adoption is something to celebrate and that is part of our family's journey. We will send pictures and letters giving updates to the birth parent(s). We believe that sending letters and pictures is a great way to build trust.  It will ensure the birth parent(s) that their child is growing and thriving in our loving and safe family. We are also open to visits with the birth parent(s) as our relationship develops.

Hobbies and Interests


  • Gardening
  • Traveling
  • Fitness


  • Cooking
  • Traveling
  • Fitness
  • Going to the movies

David and Melissa have a variety of hobbies and interests.  David loves to garden and plant flowers. Gardening occurs as soon as the season allows, and David looks to Melissa to pick out the flowers and vegetables to plant for the season.  During the rest of the year, David enjoys maintaining the yard, and spending time outside. David has been an avid runner for quite some time. David runs outside frequently, when the weather permits, or runs at the gym.  David also enjoys cooking for Melissa. During the week, he prepares quick and hearty meals that tend to soothe the soul, after the work day. Melissa loves the cook for David on the weekends, and prepares meals that she know that David will enjoy.  With regard to fitness, Melissa has had ever changing fitness goals, over the years. Currently using the treadmill a few times a week, or taking a walk outside, suits her just fine. In the previous year, Melissa decided to embark on a true fitness journey, with the assistance of David.  Melissa made the decision to run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon (which was a 13 mile race). David helped to provide tips on training (which took six months of hard, dedicated work). Melissa was able to complete the Mini Marathon successfully, in 2.5 hours. It was a fitness challenge/goal that Melissa will cherish forever.  David was cheering Melissa on at the finish line.

Melissa is also a long time tennis fan. Melissa played tennis competitively in high school and college.  These days, she enjoys following the Grand Slam events on television or attends live events when possible.  She was able to attend the US Open, and other tournaments, over the past few years. Melissa shares this passion with her mom, who still plays tennis to this day.


Melissa and David love to travel together as a couple.  Some of the places Melissa and David have traveled include:  Hawaii (Oahu, Honolulu), Bahamas, Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Shibuya, Ginza).  They both love to explore new places, and enjoy sampling the local food, and learning about the history of the regions they are visiting.  Melissa and David have plans to travel Europe together, and are setting their sites on a few key places, in the future.


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