Profile: John and Terra

“Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We pray God gives you the strength and guidance to make the best decision for you and your baby”

We will not pretend to understand what you may be going through, but we do respect you for whatever decision you make for yourself and your child. If we can, we want to be there to support you and the baby if you choose to continue with an adoption plan. We are so excited to complete our family and promise to raise him or her to be a good and loving human being.


Meet John and Terra

Our names are John and Terra. We were high school sweethearts and have been happily married since 2002. We live in a small, friendly neighborhood outside of Indianapolis with our three children-two biological and one adopted. We are so excited to complete our family with a fourth child. We have prayed, waited and prepared for him/her and already have so much love for the baby. 

John and Terra met eachother in their highschool band class when John was a senior and Terra was a freshman. John noticed Terra right away because of her height and she played the saxophone, which was not a standard instrument for most girls. Terra noticed John since she thought he was cute, and he was the drum major. Shortly after they met, John and Terra began dating. Terra dated John all throughout high school, and once she graduated, they became engaged for one year and got married in 2002.

John graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Ball State University. He now works as the Senior Software Engineer for Angie's List. Terra furthered her education at Butler University for two years. In 2012, John and Terra became foster parents. Since their youngest child started attending school, Terra took a part-time job working as a Stockroom Associate for Duluth Trading Company. When the family adopts, Terra will be a stay at home mother to care for the needs of their child.




Our Story


Terra was really short and spunky. She was different than other girls. Terra is very athletic and plays in a co-ed softball league and someimes football too. She likes to read fiction books, especially murder mysteries. Most of all, she loves to watch movies and play games. 


John was the drum major in our marching band. He was by far the best drummer. John loves computers, technology, super heroes and sci-fi. He is an avid gamer, playing board games and Xbox whenever he can (the kids and I play as well). He really enjoys photography, especially taking pictures of nature and his children. He is also an accomplished musician.


John grew up in Muncie, IN. John has one older brother who lives in Muncie with his wife and has two grown children. His parents live in Muncie, IN as well. His family looks forward to this next adoption journey and will support John and Terra any way they can.


Terra also grew up in Muncie, IN. She has two younger siblings, Daniel and Sidney. Daniel is single and has no children living in Florida, and Sidney is a highschool student and lives in Texas with her mother. Terra's father and stepmother live in Texas, while her mother lives in Muncie, IN.


John and Terra live in a two-story home with a finished basement. It has four bedrooms on the second floor and a large sitting room off the master bedroom. This large sitting room would be used for their infant until they convert this space into another fully functioning bedroom. The house is close to numerous parks, recreation, shopping and hospitals in the area. They love when family visits their home on a regular basis and out of town family spends the night when they visit. 


John and Terra regularly spend time with friends while volunteering and attending church. They have a supportive circle around them including friends and family.  


John and Terra are open to a semi-open adoption, sending pictures and letters through the adoption agency giving updates about their child to his/her birthparent(s). They are also accepting of possible total openness with visits at the agency as the relationship may be developed. They be would interested in face-to-face visits with their child's birthparent(s). The couple is dedicated to helping him or her reach their own unique potential as they are with their three children. John and Terra believe they have the essential qualifications for parenting a fourth child and look forward to growing their family through adoption.

Hobbies and Interests


  • Photography
  • Play and recording music
  • Playing video games and board games


  • Play softball and flag football
  • Playing video games and board games
  • Making candles

In their free time, John and Terra enjoy things such as gaming, sports, music and raising their family. John and Terra share the same morals, values and beliefs which helps strengthen them as a couple. As a family, they like to ice skate, game, watch movies together, go to the zoo, and go play at the park.


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