Profile: Matt and Christine

“Please take comfort in knowing that we will love and provide for this child to our fullest abilities.”

“We are so grateful for your consideration and we have no way of fully understanding the decision you are facing. Adoption is an amazing and selfless choice and we admire your courage in your decision. Please take comfort in knowing that we will love and provide for this child to our fullest abilities. We have been married for 12 years and together for 14. We’ve tried to have children but after a miscarriage years ago, we decided to try fostering through the state. We took care of 5 wonderful children throughout our fostering journey. We love them and still cherish the time we had with them, even if it was for a short while. While we appreciate the time, we had with them, something was missing. We long to be full time parents. Therefore, we started our adoption journey."


Meet Matt and Christine

The day Matt met Christine, they talked for hours and laughed like no other. It was as if they had known each other all their lives. When they went on dates it would be as simple as a motorcycle ride around the nearby lake, other times a nice dinner out. Matt knew right away he wanted to marry Christine someday, so he asked her father for permission before proposing. That same night after her father gave his permission, Matt proposed to Christine. He told her he wanted to spend his whole life with Christine.

Since getting married, they have been living their lives to the fullest. They enjoy spending time having dinner with each other every night or going to the drive-in theater on nice evenings to watch movies under the stars. Matt and Christine also enjoy going to church on Sundays then having lunch with family after.  In his free time, Matt enjoys working on cars and cruising in his 1964 Impala. Christine loves gardening and spending time with family. They also enjoy vacationing together or boating on a nearby lake. Both come from large families and have lots of support.

Christine works as a Career Pathway Facilitator.  She enjoys helping people by encouraging them to complete their goals and making a positive difference in their lives.  Matt works as a Master Planner at a local manufacturing company where he works with engineering and the production floor to ensure their products get to the customer .

Matt and Christine say that they cannot wait to be parents and share their loves, hobbies, interests and family traditions with their child.

Our Story


“Christine and I are a lot alike. We are both easy going and very caring and compassionate individuals.  We are open and discuss everything we do. We have very little conflict in our lives. The qualities I appreciate most about Christine is that she is honest, compassionate, nurturing, and loving. She is my best friend.”


Matt’s personality is like mine, but he is not as socially outgoing as I am. He opens up after he gets to know someone. He is very loving, kind, and genuine. I feel that our marriage is built on open communication. We both discuss things together. We value each other’s opinions and feelings. We talk through issues or problems rather than ignoring or getting upset with each other. Matt can make any bad day turn around. His willingness to listen, care about what is going on, and calm response is some of the qualities I appreciate the most about him.”


Matt and Christine were both raised in small towns in northern Indiana. Matt and Christine’s parents live nearby as well as Christine’s brother and his family.  Matt’s brother and his family recently moved to Florida but we all see each other multiple times a year. We enjoy playing card/board games with each other when we have family game nights. We also host holidays at our home and end up with a houseful of family.  We always plan fun activities to do with the children and they all like to get together to build forts, make crafts, decorate cookies, and play outside if weather permits.


We moved into our home in 2015.  Matt's great grandfather built this house in the early 1900's and it has been in Matt's family for well over 100 years. In 2018, we remodeled our home, inside and out.  Our home sits on 3 acres of property that we enjoy landscaping. Around Christmas time, the whole town decorates. People drive from all over to see the lights. It has been amazing to be part of this town and to be closer to our families.”


"Our town is small but very friendly.  The school system is highly ranked and because we are a smaller community, children tend to have more one on one attention in school.  We have a wonderful town park that is great for people of all ages. We also have a state park within our community that is nice to visit to hike, walk on trails, and drive through to see nature in its natural habitat.  We attend a Christian church that offers a ton of fun activities for children. There’s usually something fun going on every Sunday after church!"


Christine and Matt are ready to exchange letters and pictures with their child's birthmother. Even though they do not know their child's birth mother yet, Christine says that she holds a special place in her heart. 

Hobbies and Interests


  • Working on cars
  • Walking through museums
  • Keeping up with current sports
  • Teaching our niece how to play T-Ball


  • Reading
  • Making crafts with our nieces and nephews
  • Attending festivals and fairs
  • Playing games with family and friends

"We both enjoy traveling and love going on cruises."  


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