Profile: Matt and Diana

Adoption can give us the family that we have been praying for

"We can’t begin to understand how difficult this decision is for you. We are very grateful that you are spending the time to consider us. We found adoption as a gift which gave us our sons, Luke and Sam. God has shown us that adoption can give us the family that we have been praying for. Luke and Sam have changed our lives in so many great ways and we are eternally grateful to their birth mothers for their brave decisions. We pray each day in hopes of expanding our family and giving our sons another sibling.”

Meet Matt and Diana

They have been together since 2002. They were married four years later in 2006. Matt has his associate degree and is a Radiation Therapist. Diana has her bachelor’s degrees but thoroughly enjoys her time as a stay at home mom.

They were happy to be able to adopt their son Luke in 2013. “We’ve loved watching him grow into a happy kid. He was so excited to become a big brother! We met Luke’s birth mother in the hospital and spent a few days with her after he was born. Luke understands that he grew in his birth mom’s belly and prays for her every night.”

They were excited to adopt again and that’s when their son Sam was born in 2018. “We met him when he was 24 hours old. Sam is a very happy little boy who loves his big brother. It has been a joy to watch Luke & Sam become brothers and how their relationship keeps changing as Sam ages.” As Sam is still too young to understand what adoption means. They tell him his story and will continue to do so in an age appropriate way as he grows.

Our Story


"Diana is a very compassionate person; she offers so much to our family. She is extremely dependable, responsible, and able to remember every little detail of our daily schedules. Diana is well-organized and keeps a structured routine, important for children. She has fun activities to keep Luke & Sam happy and entertained. I know for sure that Diana is amazing with children and does everything to be a nurturing, caring, and loving mother."


"Matt is one of my three favorite people in the world. He’s hardworking, creative, and loyal. He’s wonderful with Luke and I love watching them together. The importance of his family is one of the first things I knew about him; I know he wouldn’t hesitate to do anything for those he cares about. Even after all these years together he still impresses me with his work ethic as he balances his job, being a husband and father, and keeping up on house projects."


“Matt’s family all live within 15 minutes of us. The whole family still gets together every Sunday after church. We also share lake trips and other celebrations.” Matt is the second youngest of ten children. His parents have been married for over 50 years. On his side Luke & Sam have 34 cousins.


“Diana’s family is close at heart but scattered through Indiana. Growing up with all girls helped them create strong bonds. We go on annual family camping trips and share many holidays and other gatherings together.” Diana is the second oldest of six girls. Her parents have been married over 40 years. On her side Luke & Sam have 20 cousins. 


“We live in a very walkable neighborhood, with our church, Luke’s school, the library, and two playgrounds all within a mile. We live in an older house but have worked to make it home and love the history in our neighborhood!”


“Our families are a big part of our community, with so many of them living in the same city as us.  We see our parents and many of our siblings, nieces and nephews nearly every week and our boys like few things more than time with cousins.  Luke goes to the same school as many cousins and the only babysitters our boys have ever had have been grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Our families have been very supportive of our adoption journey and the boys were welcomed with maybe even more excitement than the babies born into our families!

Our neighborhood has families of all ages and our boys both have multiple friends within a block to play with in the backyard or meet at the park.  The boys also enjoy talking with our neighbor and playing with his dogs. 

We are also pretty involved in our church.  Besides Luke attending school there, we also volunteer in various ways (Matt ushers, is a Eucharist Minister, and active with the Knights of Columus. Diana is on the finance committee and helps with some office work), and go to a variety of social events there with our boys and without.” 


They have already a semi-open relation with their son Luke’s birth mother. Sam's adoption, per his birth mother's preference, is a closed adoption.  They would love to send pictures, letters, and have visits through the agency if that is something the birth mother would like to do.

Hobbies and Interests


  • Woodworking
  • Working on Computers
  • Projects around the house


  • Reading
  • Running
  • Baking
  • Photography


  • His Lemur
  • Many cousins
  • Making Sam laugh
  • Legos
  • Riding the Jet Ski
  • Helping his mom and dad
  • Playing outside


  • Reading books
  • Building with blocks or Duplos
  • Knocking over towers
  • Whatever Luke is doing
  • His stuffed animals

As a family they enjoy riding their bikes around town, going to the family lake cottage, and family movie nights.


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