Profile: Mike and Liz

“We want to support you through a challenging time...”

“We want to support you through a challenging time. We know the deep and sacrificial love you have for your child. We are pursuing adoption because we know God has a unique plan for us to become parents. We can guarantee your child will be cherished and nurtured every day, because he or she is a miraculous gift.” 

Meet Mike and Liz

"There isn't more than an hour that goes by where we aren't laughing together. We are truly best friends... and sometimes we know what the other person is going to say before they say it!"

Mike asked Liz to marry him during the solar eclipse of 2017 (which also happened to be her birthday)! They got married in the summer of 2018. Mike has never had a full plate of French fries that Liz hasn't stolen at least one from him. They enjoy doing things together around town, kayaking or biking, enjoying live music, and spending quality time with friends. They try to go camping at least once a year and take a long weekend trip here and there to get away from it all. They live in Indianapolis with their cuddly black cat, Benjamin. 

Our Story


"If I had to describe Mike in three words, I'd say, fun-loving, open-minded, and loyal." Liz enjoys Mike's joyful, honest, and genuine personality. "Whenever I picture him he has this huge grin on his face; I always enjoy spending time with him and cherish his protective side. It’s the little things, like making sure all the doors are locked before we go to sleep, refilling my bike tires without being asked, or checking out the car before a long roadtrip... Little actions like that shows me that he cares and wants to protect me and our future family. Also…how freaking cool is it that he can tear apart a car and put it back together?"


"If I had to describe Liz in three words, I'd say: loving, goofy, and generous. She is a planner, caring, traditional, and strong hearted. I love her love for God, family, and me. I appreciate her organization and level headness. Even when I very first met her, I was impressed by her confidence to stand by her morals and values and live them out in daily life. I can see how deeply she loves her friends and family by how much of her heart and time she wants to give to each person. She has made me into a better man because of how she loves, and I know she will do the same with our future family." 


Mike is the youngest of three children. His parents are described as loving, supporting and easy going. They have been married for nearly 45 years. They live in Illinois so Mike talks with his family weekly and is able to visit once a month. Growing up his mother would instil in the children the loving ability to forgive without holding on to anger. Mikes was inspired to play ice hockey throughout his childhood, as his dad was also played and later was Mike's team coach. Mike's two older siblings both live in the Chicago area. 


Liz is the middle of three children. Her mother still lives in the home in Illnois that her and Liz's father resided at before his passing. They had been married for 28 years. Liz talks with her mother every other day and is able to visit twice a month. Her parents are descibed as loving and hardworking. Liz had the best of both worlds. She had a older sister, who she now shares life milestones with.  Her older sister and husband welcomed their first little girl in May 2022, and Mike and Liz have enjoyed their new role as aunt and uncle. She also has a little sister, 5 years younger, that they always enjoyed spending time with. Mike and her sister like to talk about computers and video games. Liz talks with her sisters, who both live in Illinois, once or twice a week and they are able to visit at least once a month.


Mike and Liz live in a lovely ranch style home. It is 1,620 square feet and sits on a .61 acre of land. They have a office space that will be converted into the nursery. They have a sunroom and screened-in-porch attached to the back of their home that they use to enjoy the weather and spend family time together.


"Our faith is so important to us. We have found a solid group of friends at our parish that have really helped us feel at home there, and we really value the diversity of our parish - there is a significant Burmese, Vietnamese, and Filipino population. We go to Mass at least once a week and participate in small groups during the week to continue learning and growing."


Michael and Elizabeth will accept a child whose birthmother seeks semi-open adoption, with letters and pictures sent through the agency or by setting up a separate email account or webpage just for this purpose.  They will consider having a more open relationship, with visits at the adoption agency, if a healthy relationship is established through time.  

Hobbies and Interests


  • Church
  • Cars
  • Hockey
  • Voluteering


  • Music/Podcasts
  • Reading
  • Friends
  • Bike Riding/Swimming
  • Faith


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