Richard and Kristin

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“We deeply respect your decision to give your child life”

We know that this is a difficult and emotional time for you. We deeply respect your decision to give your child life, and we want you to feel comfortable in that decision. We know that you want what is best for your child, and we promise to raise him/her in a home that is full of Christian love.  As Kristin is unable to conceive and carry a pregnancy, we are hoping to grow our family through adoption again.  We are so very grateful to you taking the time to learn about us and for considering us as potential adoptive parents to your child. 

Meet Richard and Kristin

Richard and Kristin have a marriage that is built on friendship - we each married our best friend.  They met in government class during their senior year in High School and started dating in January 2001.  After five and a half years of dating they married in 2006, after both graduated from college.  Richard & Kristin look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

Richard has a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering and Management and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  It  was his dream as a young boy to attend college and become an engineer.  Richard has worked as a project engineer on water and wastewater plants, power plants, wind farms, and  tunnels.  Currently, he is the manager of engineering at a local utility company and looks forward to going to work every day.

Kristin has a Bachelor’s Degree is in Spanish Education and a Master’s Degree in English as a Second Language.  She taught Spanish for three years before transitioning to teaching English as Second Language to students who are not native English speakers. She is currently a High School English as a Second Language teacher.  She loves her job! She enjoys building relationships with her students that come from all over the world and supporting them academically.  In the distant future, she would like to pursue a Doctoral Degree and become an University Professor.

Kristin has known since age 12 that she is unable to conceive and carry a pregnancy. They have always considered adoption to grow their family.  Adoption fits with their beliefs and values and is more than a plan for them - it is a calling.  In 2013, Richard and Kristin felt blessed to welcome their son, Isaac, into their family through adoption. He has been the light and joy of their lives ever since! Watching him grow and develop is a constant source of wonder and amazement for them. They love going on family vacations to the beach and visiting National Parks.  When Kristin is on break from school and at home, she loves taking Isaac to the zoo, the library, and the park.  Richard and Kristin love being parents and would love for their son to have a sibling. Isaac is ready to be a big brother.

Our Story


I was initially attracted to Kristin because of our ability to connect through conversation. I also was drawn to her bubbly personality. Over the years, I have grown to respect Kristin's intelligence and determination. I also greatly admire her loving nature and her passion for her students. Kristin is a strong mom who deeply enjoys being a mom. She is always there to love, care for, and guide Isaac.  She takes the time every day to focus on Isaac to further develop their relationship.  She is also very thoughtful and organized to make sure our family has what it needs for daily life.


What first drew me to Richard was his ability to carry on a true conversation. He was the first guy I had met in High School with whom I could easily talk.  As I got to know him, I grew to respect his honesty, his loyalty to family and friends, and his strong sense of right and wrong. Those are still the qualities that I appreciate most in Richard today.   Richard is a interactive dad.  He enjoys playing with Isaac as well as involving Isaac in work that he is doing in the shop or around the house.  Richard loves having a little helper!  Richard is committed to passing the life skills and knowledge that he has learned on to his son.  Richard has a calm and quiet personality, but enjoys opportunities to relax and be playful!


We are from Indianapolis and live near both of our families. Richard's dad and sister’s family live three minutes away, and Kristin's parents live ten minutes away from our home. Our grandparents, aunts and their families, all live in Indianapolis as well. We see our families often and have a lot of fun when we get together. Kristin has two younger sisters, Lori and Kari.  Lori is two years younger than her, and lives in Germany with her husband and two daughters Maddie and Anna. We've traveled to Europe three times to visit Lori and her family.  On our most recent trip to Germany in 2017 we were able to take Isaac and he enjoyed experiencing the German culture. Kari was born when Kristin was fourteen years old and is currently a student at Indiana University. Kristin has felt like a second mother to her. It has been amazing watching her grow up!  Kari calls Richard the older brother she has never had.    


We live in a three-bedroom brick ranch home, that was built in 1966,  and we have enjoyed remodeling and updating. Our home sits on almost one acre of land and our yard has a big patio for playing and relaxing.  There is a swing set with slide and lots of open space for children to play. Shopping, recreation, parks, a library, and a hospital all are located near by. We always enjoy having our family and friends visit our home. 


Religion plays an important part in our lives. We are Christian, and our faith is the driving force behind our words, actions, and decisions. We regularly attend the same church we got married in and it is also the same church that Kristin’s parents got married in. Richard has been a deacon there, and Kristin has taught Sunday school there in the past. Our children will be brought up in the Christian faith and they will receive religious training from us at home, as well as at Sunday school. Also,  in our community we have had some great opportunities to experience international cultures. We have enjoyed attending an Indian (Sikh) wedding and sharing a meal in an Indian (Sikh) home, as well as attending a Christian Burmese wedding within our community. 


Richard and Kristin have sent regular letters and pictures to update Isaac’s birthparent(s) and will happily send update photos and letters for another child.  They are open to visits at the adoption agency and are committed to a life-long relationship with the birth parents, if they so choose.  

Hobbies and Interests


  • Home Improvement
  • Woodworking


  • Knitting
  • Baking
  • Reading

Richard and Kristin enjoy hiking and traveling. They have traveled to several cities within the U.S., St. John USVI, Cancun, Mexico, and Europe. One thing they really look forward to as parents is introducing their children to the world and exposing them to new people and places. Another combined interest is food! Richard and Kristin enjoy cooking new recipes and trying new restaurants together. 


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