Profile: Robert and Ashley

“Our families are supportive and accepting of any child God brings into our lives.”

We have chosen adoption because, after almost six years of marriage, we have been unable to get pregnant. Prior to marriage, we spoke about the possibility of adoption to grow our family. Ashley has a cousin who adopted a handsome little boy and we both have many friends who speak wonderfully of their adoption experiences. Our families are supportive and accepting of any child God brings into our lives.  We believe that the goal of parenting is raising a child that grows up to be an adult that is loving, kind, respectful, hard working and self-sufficient. We are excited to become parents. We want to say thank you for considering our family as a fit for your child.

Meet Rob and Ashley

Rob and Ashley met on and almost 3  years later they got married. They look at one another as best friends and as helping each other become a better person.  Their love and respect coupled with open communication allows them to tackle and conquer together any problem that comes into their lives. Ashley comes from a large German-Italian Catholic Family. She was raised in a small farming community. Her parents were the best role models a child could ask for. Their holiday gatherings consist of about 60 family members.   Rob comes from a German-Irish family. Both, Rob and Ashley, are true believers that family and faith has molded them into the people they have become. Rob and Ashley share the same morals and faith that helped build the foundation of their marriage.  Both are ready and prepared for parenthood and excited to grow their family through adoption.

Rob's is an Accounts Payable Business Analyst with a prestigious health organization. In a nutshell, his job consists of process improvements in accounts payable.  Rob absolutely loves his job and has worked very hard at climbing up the ladder within his company.

Ashley is a Registered Nurse. Being a nurse gives her the ability to help others during their time of need on a daily basis. She feels it is an honor to have others trust her with their lives. Her position gives her the opportunity to work set hours and not have to work weekends or major holidays. This helps her to be more readily available to start growing our family.

Our Story


Ashley has a very kind and loving personality.  In our marriage, Ashley and Rob are very open and honest with each other. They can read each other (although, Rob will admit that she is better at reading him that he is at reading her). Rob knows that we can always talk things out. And, ultimately,  both know that they are on the same side, they are on the same team. According to Rob, Ashley's best quality is the fact that she is very self-confident. Another quality that he loves about her is that she helps him to be the best person that he can be.  Ashley has a love for being in the kitchen and enjoys making recipes she has made many times with her mother and grandmother. She looks forward to sharing this love with our child. Her favorite food is Homemade Chicken Pot Pie and one thing she can't live without is chocolate :-)   


According to Ashley, Rob is a lot of wonderful things all rolled into one package. In many ways Rob and Ashley are complete opposites, however, they are the same when it comes to the most important things. First, and foremost Rob is very loving and affectionate.  He is not afraid to show others how much he loves Ashley. This is something Ashley truly admires about him. Rob is someone who is very articulate and creative. These qualities bring out his desire for knowledge. He is someone who is always yearning for knowledge. Respect and honesty are the two qualities that Ashley admires the most about Rob.   Rob's two biggest interests are music and computers. He also enjoys playing the guitar and is a huge Montreal Canadiens fan (Canada's hockey team).


Rob comes from a blended German-Irish family from Southern Indiana. He has one brother, one half-sister, and two step-brothers. Unfortunately, Rob's brothers and sisters, with the exception of one step-brother, have moved outside of Indiana. However, the family does their best to get together for Christmas, family vacations, and the annual Fall Festival held within their community area. They visit Rob's family once a month.


Ashley comes from a large German-Italian Catholic family. She was raised in a small farming community in Northwest Indiana with her three older brothers. Ashley and her brothers were raised by loving, hard-working, and devoted parents. Her parents were the best role models any child could be raised by.   Ashley's grandparents live a few miles from their home and are a very active part in their lives.


They live in a ranch home that sits on over .24 acres of land. Their yard has plenty of space for their child to play. Ashley loves cooking in their home. "At our home, our motto is 'All You Need Is Love'. We have created a house that is truly a home and we can't wait to grow our family here."


Both of us are practicing Catholics. Ashley was born and raised in the Catholic Church while Rob converted to Catholicism in his early 20's. Our children will be raised in the Catholic faith. We are ready and able to be responsible for our child's growth in the Catholic Community.


Ashley and Rob are willing to send letters and pictures through the agency. They are also open to face-to-face visits with the birth mother several times a year, at the agency. They are open to which ever  arrangement the child's birth mother feels most comfortable. They believe the birth parents should know the child is being raised in a good family and that he/she is growing and thriving.

Hobbies and Interests


  • Music
  • Computers
  • Guitar
  • Hockey


  • Cooking/Baking
  • Walks in the park
  • Spending time with family and friends


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