Profile: Trevor and Sara

“Thank you for choosing adoption! We hope that you feel loved and supported in your choice”

We understand that you are facing some enormous challenges right now; being adopted herself, Sara has a unique appreciation for your strength, courage, and depth of selfless love. Both of us are honored to be considered to raise your child. We promise to do our best- to help them, teach them, cheer them on, and always love them fully as our own.


Meet Trevor and Sara

Our names are Trevor and Sara. We have been married for seven years. Over that time, we've experienced ups and downs which have helped us to deepen our understanding of each other, what it means to be a loving and supportive partner, and better people. We met in February 2010 through an online dating service. We were immediately attracted to eachother's personality. Sara lit up the room for Trevor, and Trevor was different than anyone Sara had ever dated. The coupled got married in May of 2011. 

Trevor graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering: Computer Engineering and a minor in math from the University of Cincinnati. Trevor currently works as a Senior Software Engineer. Sara attended college at IPFW receiving a Bachelor of Science. Sara currently works as the Marketing Manager/Bookkeeper in her family's business, but a stay at home mother is really her dream job.  

Trevor and Sara are thankful for their marriage and friendship with one another. There is nothing they would change or have different about their marriage aside from growing their family.

Our Story


Sara is an amazing woman. She is outgoing, loves to connect with people, and have close relationships with them. She gets so much happiness out of just being around people. The first thing I loved about her (and still do) is that she is really sensitive and has an open mind. Sara is really artistic and creative, and she uses this special trait to make anything alluring. One of Sara's particularly good qualities is that she is very patient with people and never gets angry or frustrated about the small stuff. She is also funny without even trying to be and makes me smile all the time.


I've always admired Trevor's ability to meet a goal, no matter how challenging it may be. He is physically strong, but mentally stronger. That strength translates into all areas of his life-he is a hard worker, a committed and loyal husband, and doesn't give up when things are hard. I also love what a great cheerleader he is for me.


Trevor grew up in St. Louis, MO and has one younger sibling named Kim who is married with two children. Trevor's mother lives in Ohio where his family was raised. Trevor's father lost a battle to colon cancer in 2009. Trevor's family looks forward to sharing their family traditions and are excited about the adoption process.


Sara grew up in Fort Wayne, IN and she is an only child. Sara's adoptive parents live in Churubusco, IN. With Sara being adopted, she has a close relationship with her biological family as well. Her biological mother lives in Florida, but the two communicate every 2 to 3 months. Her family is very important to her and they look forward to sharing family traditions, as well as making new traditions that they will remember for a lifetime. 


Trevor and Sara live in a 2,225 square foot house situated on a nice lot on a quiet culd-de-sac. They have a backyard with plenty of room for running around with the dogs, playing soccer, or even playing on a swing set. Their house has 4.5 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, designed with a family in mind! They already have set up one of the larger bedrooms as a nursery with plenty of room for the crib, books and toys they can't wait to add!

Their house is also less than a quarter mile away from a top-rated elementary school. There is a direct path from their house to the school. They look forward to being able to walk their son or daughter to and from school one day!


We love our community for the people in it. We love being close to friends and family. We love having people that care for us and appreciate us nearby. For us, Fort Wayne is a perfect fit. We enjoy having amazing museums, parks, trails, restaurants and more in our town. We also love that although in may ways Fort Wayne is a city, it has a small-town feel.

Fort Waybe is also reasonable for housing. They can save money for retirement, and their future child's education, and still live reasonably. 


Trevor and Sara are open to sending pictures and letters giving updates about their child to his/her birthparent(s) through semi-open adoption. They feel this is someting they can do for their child to provide a loving trust with the child and ensure the birth parents that their biological child is growing and thriving in a loving, supportive and encouraging family. They are also open to visits at the agency.

Hobbies and Interests


  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Outdoors (Trails/Hiking)
  • Running/Soccer
  • Games
  • Nature
  • Making people laugh


  • Board games and Card games
  • Drawing/Beading
  • Reading
  • Traveling
  • Being out in nature
  • Volunteering with children's organizations
  • Spending time with friends


We enjoy playing board and card games, traveling, taking day driving trips, and spending time in nature enjoying the woods, trees and landscapes. We also enjoy hunting and fishing together or with extended family. We enjoy spending time with our dogs, Cooper and Dexter. Our most cherished times together has been traveling to Venice, Italy and Rome in addition to simply relaxing at home. 


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