Profile: Zach and Amanda

“We hope that you feel supported and loved no matter where you are at in your journey. We admire you so much for choosing life and considering adoption”

We know this is a confusing time for you while you are trying to figure out the best option for you and your baby. After several years of struggling with infertility, we realized the Lord was preparing our hearts for adoption. We are excited to get to know your story and lead you to make an adopption plan for your baby. We are praying for you and your baby.

Meet Zach and Amanda

Our names are Zach and Amanda. We first met in junior high in our church youth group and have been best friends ever since. We remained friends all through high school and college. We both went away to different colleges but continued to stay in touch. After graduation we both moved back home, grew even closer, and started dating. We have now been married almost six years and are tremendously excited to start our family.

Zach graduated with a Bachelor's in Accounting from Taylor University. He went on to recieve a Master of Science in Accounting from Indiana Wesleyan University. He currently works as an Accountant/CPA.

Amanda attended college at the University of Southern Indiana and received a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. She went on to receive a second Bachelor of Science degree in Photography from Indiana Wesleyan University. She now is a freelance photographer/graphic designer. They both enjoy their current careers!


Our Story


Amanda is my favorite person in the world! She is easy going and really enjoys being around our family and friends. She loves to plan get togethers and parties. Amanda is wonderfully creative and enjoys spending each day with me. I could not imagine doing life with anyone else. One of the qualities that I appreciate most about Amanda is her ability to plan and organize. I also love how she anticipates people's needs. I really love how she laughs at my corny jokes and sense of humor! If there is one thing I could portray to you about Amanda, it's that she is a truly incredible woman and wife and will make an amazing mother to our future child.


Zach is my person! He is always the one that I have gone to for anything, even before we were married. Zach has many qualities that I admire in him. He is a great listener and problem solver. If anyone ever needs advice on what to do, they love to hear Zach's input and take what he has to say to heart. He is smart, in fact he is the smartest person I know (and I am not just saying that because he is my husband). You can ask anyone that knows him, and they would say the same thing. But my favorite quality of Zach's is his sense of humor. He makes me laugh all the time and we get each other's jokes! I love jus being with him, he is an amazing guy and I hate when we are apart. In the six years that we have been married we have only spent two nights apart. Zach is amazing with children and all children adore him. I love to watch him interact with all our nieces and nephews and I cannot wait to see how he is as a father. I know he will be GREAT!


Zach and Amanda both grew up in the Midwest. Currently, Zach's parents live in Anderson, IN. Amanda's mother and stepfather live in Frankton, IN, and her father lives in Elwood, IN. Zach and Amanda enjoy visiting and taking trips with their families. Zach and Amanda's families are very important to their lives. They see their parents on a regular basis and spend holidays, birthdays, and vacations with extended family. Family will remain central to the life of them and their child. Both of their families are excited and supportive about their decision to pursue adoption!


We just built our home and are in a neighborhood in a small town that is filling up with new neighbors who also have children. It has 4 bedrooms and a backyard with plenty of space for a child to play. Their home is located minutes away from the local park, splash pad, pool, shopping, library and hospital.


Zach and Amanda not only have great families, but amazing friendships in their lives within their community. They have many friends who already have children and are excited to welcome a new little one into their community of friends. 


Zach and Amanda would love to share letters and pictures with their child's birthparent(s) through the agency. They are dedicated to helping him or her reach their own potential. They are also open to visits with the birthparent(s) at the agency. 

Hobbies and Interests


  • History
  • Current Events
  • Trivia/strategy games
  • Planning vacations
  • Family/friends


  • Photography
  • Crafts
  • DIY
  • Home Decor
  • Family/friends

Zach and Amanda enjoy traveling, going for drives, watching movies, spending time with friends, spending time at home, and just spending quality time together. 

Zach and Amanda are familiar with adoption, as many people on Zach's side of the family have been adopted. He has two aunts, a first cousin, and three second cousins who are are all adopted. They are hoping to continue the awesome legacy of adoption in their family!



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