What We Need

If you have questions about the items we need, or an item you would like to donate to us please call our office!

Your donations are needed for the pregnant women, children and families in our community. It is our ministry to serve with love and respect. We are thankful for all the donations given that made the below accomplishments possible!

2016 Statistics

These numbers are as of 6/10/2016

2015 Statistics

These numbers are from Jan.-Dec. 2015

Donated items are given to:

  • Women who contact our agency in crisis and need immediate help with basic supplies for themselves or their children
  • Women that attend and actively participate in our Support Groups. These support group are for mothers in need with children under the age of ten. (These women are not included in the above numbers)
  • Women that chose to parent their children and need a baby layette
  • Women currently making an adoption plan with us in need of basic necessities (These women are not included in the above numbers)

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