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3 Steps to Start a Search

If you have completed Step 1 and received your letter from the Indiana Department of Health, please call Heather at (317) 787-3412.

STEP 1. ISDH Adoption Matching Registry

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) has established a free Adoption History Registry for adult adoptees and birth parents whose adoption toook place in Indiana. 

  • To register: An adult adoptee (age 21 or older) or a birth parent (if named on the original birth certificate) sends two completed forms to the registry to agree to the release of their information.  You can print the two forms (Identifying Information Consent #47896 and Non-Identifying Consent #47897) from here: Health: Vital Records: Adoptions (in.gov).  Complete, then mail the forms to the address listed on the forms.
  • If both parties (adoptee and birth parent) are registered, ISDH will send the current name, address, phone number and copy of the original birth certificate to the adoptee and birth parent. It is up to the two parties to make contact with each other.
  • Our Search & Reunion Specialist is available to provide assistance and suggestions on how to establish the initial contact.  Please contact (317) 787-3412 to request help.
  • If the birth mother has not registered, ISDH will see if she has submitted a Non-Release Form requesting that her information remain blocked.  If she has not submitted this form, all adoption information and a copy of the original birth certificate will be provided to the adult adoptee.
  • If one party has failed to register, the other party can contact our agency to request a search (See Step 3). 

STEP 2. Requesting Adoption Records from St. Elizabeth | Coleman

You must have registered (step 1) and received a response from the ISDH before you can request your Adoption Records.

An adult adoptee can request his / her adoption records by mailing the following items to: St. Elizabeth | Coleman, Attn: SEC - Search and Reunion, 3388 Founders Road, Ste 200, Indianapolis, IN 46268

  • Original Letter from ISDH
  • Copy of Photo I.D.
  • Copy of Original Birth Certificate sent by ISDH
  • Check or Money Order (made out to St. Elizabeth | Coleman) for the $50.00 Processing Fee

Someone will contact the adult adoptee once the adoption records have been retrieved and are ready to be mailed or picked up from our agency.

STEP 3. Requesting Search & Reunion Services

You must have registered (step 1) and received a response from the ISDH before you can request a search.

An adult adoptee or birth mother can start a search by sending a  Search Request Form to the agency. This search request should be signed by you and your signature needs to be notarized. If you aren't sure you're ready for this step, you may visit our Start a Search page to fill out the email form requesting more information and detailed instructions from our Search Specialist.

Mail the following items to: St. Elizabeth | Coleman, Attn: St. Elizabeth Coleman - 3388 Founders Road, Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46268

  • Search Request Form
  • Non-identifying letter: This letter is to introduce you to the person you are searching for, to explain why you are searching for them and to explain what you are hoping to accomplish. First name only, and do not include information on residence, employer, etc. Your letter will be read.
  • At least one recent photo: that has not been used on social media
  • Copy of your photo I.D.
  • Check or money order (made out to St. Elizabeth | Coleman) for the $350.00 Search fee.

After a search has been requested, the Search & Reunion Specialist will attempt to locate the other party to inform them of your interest in reuniting and educate them about their options.  Once located, they will have 3 options:

  • Option 1: Register with the Indiana Adoption Matching Registry, allowing the release of identifying information  
  • Options 2: Choose to correspond with the other party through our agency while keeping their identifying information confidential
  • Option 3:  Refuse any contact or correspondence.

If you have additional questions, need clarification or need assistance with any of the above steps, please complete and submit the Contact Form below.  Our Search & Reunion Specialist, will respond to you promptly. 

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