Domestic Adoption Services

St. Elizabeth|Coleman is a fully licensed adoption agency in the State of Indiana. We are here to guide you through all steps of the adoption process and to assist you for a lifetime after placement. We assure you that the adoption process will be a professional and positive experience for you as well as for the birth parents.



  • Adoption Information Seminar: This is the starting point for all domestic adoptions and your first steps. Find out more HERE.
  • Individual Orientation/First Interview: After attending our information meeting and completing the application, you will have a meeting with our Director of Adoption Services, Renee Hummel. She will provide all necessary paperwork and give you details about the next steps.
  • Adoption Preparation Study (Home Study): Includes individual and conjoint interviews, home visits, references, background checks, CPS checks, financials, and physicals.
  • Domestic Adoption Seminar: All couples in our adoption program are required to attend an all-day educational training. Find out more HERE.
  • Adoptive Family Profile: Each adoptive couple creates a profile book that will allow birth mothers to get to know them. Details and tips for creating your book will be provided during the Adoption Seminar.  Additionally, our social media coordinator will create an online profile your each family.  


  • Supervision: After placement, home visits will be schedule to check in on how the child and you are progressing. Things such as bonding will be discussed, and any questions you may have will be answered. These visits are required in order to finalize your adoption.
  • Support: We provide support and assistance with anything that may be needed right after placement and throughout the life's of our families. We will continue to answer your questions and help the best we can.

Requirements to Adopt

1.) Married at least 2 yrs. 

2.) One of you has to be younger than 45 

3.) Both must be older than 21 

4.) Must reside in Indiana



  • Relative and Step Parent Adoption Home Studies: We provide home studies for relative and step parent adoptions. A home study includes a home visit, individual and conjoint interviews, CPS checks, background checks, financials, physicals, and references. Contact Renee for more information.



  • Adoption Training: We offer a Transracial/Transcultural training for couples and their families open to adopting a child of a different race or ethnicity. Find out more HERE.



  • Search Services: We offer a search program that could potentially lead to reunification. Find out more HERE.