Meet the St. Elizabeth | Coleman Staff

Back row from L to R: Jen, Katrina, Caitlin, Cheryl, Nadja, Stephanie
Front row from L to R: Christine, Renee, Priscilla, Carole

As the Director of St. Elizabeth| Coleman’s Adoption Program, Renee is proud to oversee an incredibly experienced and passionate adoption team. Her commitment to creating better futures for children was fueled during her work for Marion County DCS. She is very passionate about adoption as a positive alternative and therefore has worked for St. Elizabeth| Coleman for almost 25 years. She enjoys helping couples build families through adoption.

Renee’s responsibilities include supervising the Domestic and International adoption programs, conducting information meetings, Adoption Education Trainings, overseeing domestic placements, conducting home studies, and post-placement supervision. She believes it is vital to provide education, training, preparation, and support to adoptive families during their miraculous adoption journey. In addition, she manages all adoption files to make sure we meet Indiana State licensing requirements. Renee received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Ball State University and she is a licensed Social Worker.

Renee and her husband, Jim are the parents of three children. They enjoy spending time together as a family, attending sporting events and volunteering in the community.

Priscilla Kamrath

Director of Community Relations

Adoption has always had a special place in Priscilla's heart. Her cousins became part of her family through adoption. Priscilla also considered adopting a child and completed the foster parent training. She has been working in the adoption field for over 25 years and has been actively involved in management positions for the last 30 years. For example, in the 1990’s she was elected to the Board Directors of Coleman Adoption Services and served as Secretary, Vice President, and President. In addition, she was honored to serve as the Agency Director of Coleman Adoption Services for 8 years.

Priscilla has been with St. Elizabeth| Coleman for 15 years and has been so vital to our mission. She will be retiring at the end of June 2019. We truly appreciate everything she has brought to St. Elizabeth| Coleman. As the Director of Community Relations at St. Elizabeth| Coleman, Priscilla has been responsible for outreach advocating for the positives and benefits of adoption in the community, at the State Level, and presentations to all. She has especially enjoyed working with our volunteers of all walks of life and obtaining the much-needed donations for our birth mothers and their children. 

Priscilla enjoys spending her weekends with her mother watching Lawrence Welk. 

Shamia is very passionate about adoption, as she was adopted at the age of 5 years old, and after being adopted her parents continued to foster additional children in her their home. Shamia has recently joined St. Elizabeth Coleman as the adoption search specialist. In her role she will assist clients with being reunified with their loved ones, as well as aiding those who are wanting to conduct searches for biological family members.

Shamia graduated with her bachelor’s in social work from the University of Indianapolis and received her master’s in healthcare administration from Walden University. Shamia has been in the field of social services for five years. She has held many different positions which entailed working with clients that were seeking to become foster parents as a licensing specialist, and most recently as a homebuilder therapist working with clients to enhance/build skills to assist with keeping their families together. 

Mothers Teresa once said: “A life not lived for others is not a life.” Nadja feels honored to be part of a highly respected agency that has been serving women and children for over 100 years. Social service work and specifically adoption are Nadja’s passion.
As a counselor at St. Elizabeth | Coleman, Nadja provides information about adoption, parenting and community resources to pregnant women. She offers emotional support, guidance and encouragement to clients and assists them in making a parenting or adoption plan. As a mother herself, Nadja knows we only want what’s best for our children.
Nadja enjoys sharing the positives and benefits of adoption. She is involved in community outreach efforts, such as giving presentations at schools, clinics and hospitals. As a member of the agency’s social media marketing team, Nadja produces content for our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram pages. She also maintains and updates our website.
Nadja completed her bachelor’s degree at Indiana University in Bloomington and earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of South Carolina. Since then, she has worked in the social work field for over 10 years.
In her free time, Nadja loves challenging activities that push her boundaries, such as Ziplining and Obstacle Runs. She is currently training for her first Half Marathon, the 2017 Mini Marathon.


Cheryl is pleased to be a Pregnancy and Adoption Counselor who has spent over 13 years as part of a great adoption team, first at Coleman, and now St. Elizabeth/Coleman. She is a Hoosier who has served women in crisis in Indiana, Hawaii, Arizona, and California and has many years of experience working with diverse populations. Cheryl’s passion is working with women in crisis situations. She believes that her own life experiences of being a young, single mother and dealing with loss have uniquely prepared her for this role.
As a counselor for women considering an adoption plan for their child, Cheryl is always available to take calls, listen, provide information about adoption, assist in problem solving and budgeting, and to work with you closely during your pregnancy. She will provide you with information about your options so that you are in control of designing your own adoption plan.
Cheryl facilitates two monthly parent support groups at the agency. These groups were designed to assist young, parenting women who are struggling with life’s challenges. Topics related to parenting are presented to group members, material assistance is provided, and mutual support among group members is nurtured. Cheryl also facilitates periodic birth mother support groups as well.
Cheryl graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Social Work and is licensed by the State of Indiana. She has served as Program Supervisor for El Nido Family Centers in Palmdale, California and as a Social Worker/Court Officer for the Guardian Ad Litem (CASA) Program in the State of Hawaii. Cheryl and her husband Doug have three grown children and four grandchildren. She enjoys traveling with her husband, spending time with her family, reading, hiking, and playing with her dog, Kona.


Stephanie developed a love for working with children at a young age through volunteer work. She finds it fulfilling and exciting to assist in the process of International Adoption and seeing children find their forever families. Her role at St. Elizabeth/Coleman is to support our International Adoption Families through their journey and helping to coordinate all required documents that are necessary to complete their home study and post placement visits. She is happy to answer any questions our families may have regarding their process.

Stephanie graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Criminal Justice, and a passion for helping others. For the past decade, Stephanie has worked with many diverse populations in the field of social work and assisted numerous families and women dealing with difficult life circumstances. She has previously worked with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, assisting victims of domestic abuse, as well as in the non-profit sector working in child abuse prevention and domestic abuse victim advocacy, leading support groups, and giving large community presentations. Stephanie and her husband have two children that keep them very busy! In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys photographing families, children, and special events.

Carole has been at St. Elizabeth|Coleman for 11 years and has 42 years experience in customer service, management, and billing. After 32 years at AT&T, Carole came to St. Elizabeth|Coleman to handle client billing, as the Financial Assistant, and served for a time as the Donation Administrator. She is our Financial Specialist and handles all communication involving billing and payments.

She has a heart for serving the women who come to our agency in need of help. When Carole was helping with donations she keeps the donations organized and found ways to keep them stocked. She did all of this with great love, compassion, and understanding.

Her passions, outside of work, are her family, photography, travel, and her 17 mo. granddaughter Nola, who is the light of her life.

As our Program Coordinator, Christine is one of the first faces you will see when you walk in. Her responsibilities include the donation/volunteer program, marketing assisting, and volunteer/service events. She handles most of the office logistics and helps keep everything running smoothing. You can contact Christine with questions about giving and requesting donations. Christine is a University of Indianapolis Alumni and has her bachelors degree in Community Leadership and Engagement. She attained her degree so she can be a strong leader in the community.

At two months old, Christine was adopted from Panama. Because of this, she has always had a special connection with adoption, and a strong desire to help birthmothers in particular. She also offers a unique perspective on an adoptee panel for our Transracial/Transcultural training. Her favorite part about her work is seeing the impact we have on the community.

Christine came from a small family and married into a big one. She and her husband have two wonderful children and enjoy spending time with family the most. 

John DiCicco

Facility Manager

John is a fantastic employee at St. Elizabeth| Coleman for many reasons. John is our facility's manager, but his tasks go way beyond his job title. John is always available to lend a helping hand. He begins his workday hours before the office even opens. He knows how to fix just about anything and maintains our beautiful landscaping. He is the person behind the scenes, that we could not do without. John is a hardworking person, but always finds time to make us laugh.

When not at work, John enjoys spending time with his family. John has been married for over 30 years and has two sons. They enjoy hunting and playing paintball together. John has adorable grandchildren who he would do anything for.