Thiago Schlemper
Considering Adoption

Our agency is a licensed not-for-profit agency in Indianapolis.  Making an adoption plan (some call it "give up for adoption") is  a loving but difficult choice made by brave, strong and mature women.   

When you come to St. Elizabeth|Coleman, you will be teamed up with one counselor that will be your support person & advocate throughout your adoption journey and beyond. Our counselors represent only expectant mothers and have your best interest at heart.  Our services are free to you, confidential and unbiased.  You will work with an experienced professional counselor.  From one woman to another, we understand your position and want to help.

We are ready to help you find peace of mind about your child's future.  We can help you find the perfect family from our waiting list for your baby.  Giving your baby up for adoption is not the end, it is only the beginning of opoortunities for you and the baby.

We Offer The Following Services

  • FREE & confidential Adoption Planning
  • Living Expenses Paid
  • Medical Costs Paid
  • Transportation Paid
  • Choice of adoptive parents & meeting the adoptive family
  • VIRTUAL appointments
  • Choice of Open, Semi-Open, & Closed Adoption 
  • Professional & Caring Counselors (Nadja, Shamia, & Cheryl) 
  • Free Lifetime Support & Counseling 
  • Birthmother support group (find out more

If you would like to discuss your adoption question with a counselor please call our office at 317-787-3412.