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International Adoption Overview

St. Elizabeth | Coleman offers 5 distinct services to assist you in on your International Adoption Journey

  • Home Study Services:  A home study is required in order for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to determine if you are suitable and eligible to adopt a child abroad.   The goal of the home study interview is to evaluate and assess if your that your family is financially, physically, and emotionally prepared and capable for an international adoption. SEC is accredited by The Council on Accredidation to complete a Hague Compliant home study against the most stringent country requirements as described by the Department of Homeland Security/USCIS. We are happy to work with an agency of your choosing to complete your dossier.  During this process, the home study specialist will gather information about your family background, education, employment, interpersonal relationships, parenting styles, neighborhood/community, safety of your home and motivation for adoption.  The international home study process usually takes an average of 3-6 months from start to finish.  

Components of the Home Study Process:

  1. Application 
  2. Orientation 
  3. Complete Home Study Preparation Documents 
  4. Obtain Criminal Background Checks & References 
  5. Home Visit & Interview with St. Elizabeth | Coleman Home Study Specialist 
  6. Review Completed Home Study Report 
  7. Submited Approved and Finalized Home Study Report to Placing Agency
  • Education /Advocacy: SEC is a neutral party in your adoption journey. This allows us to educate you on the process and resources from an unbiased perspective, and help provide a REALISTIC perspective on your unique adoption plan.  Our primary goal, as your advocate, is to educate you toward the best country and agency to meet your specific family needs.
  • Transracial / Transcultural Training: Continuing education is required for most countries that have international adoption programs. SEC offers a variety of educational opportunities. The Transracial/Transcultural training is a day-long event that explores the obstacles associated with raising a child of another culture/race.
  • Post Adoption Services and Support: Post placement visits and reports are required for all families who complete an international adoption. The number of visits varies by country and the reports are sent back to the country as evidence of our support after the child is placed. During these visits, education and advocacy continue as your family is in full transition.
  • Lifetime Commitment: In order to support all the developmental phases, we promise to provide therapy, guidance, and advocacy for the entire life of our families.  

Countries Served

We have served 31 different countries (complete list here). We are open to working with other countries in addition to the ones we have already worked with.

Agencies We Work With

We have worked with over 25 different agencies nationwide, and no agency will go unconsidered.
Use our resources or contact Nadja Radtke to find an agency that fits you best.

Getting Started

Contact Nadja Radtke to express your interest at (317) 787-3412 or fill out the following form with your questions and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Once initial contact has been made, specifics will be set. The first steps will be an application and orientation meeting, followed by the home study.  

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