1. Continuums of Service: Adoption is not a one-time event, but is instead a lifelong process. It forever joins the birth and adoptive families. We understand this, therefore, we offer our services for life.
  2. Adoption Education: Throughout the home study and counseling process, adoptive parents and birthparents are educated about adoption issues so that the best possible plan can be made for themselves and, most importantly, for the child.
  3. Counseling: Our qualified and objective counselors consider the interest of all involved parties. Adoption is a major life decision at both ends of the spectrum. We don’t forget either party.
  4. Maintain Records: All records are securely and permanently maintained for future services
  5. Confidentiality: Our employees respect and maintain confidentialit
  6. Intermediary: We facilitate communication between all the parties involved in the adoption process. These include letters, photos, gift exchanges, and any other material transmitted between the parties, throughout their lifetime.
  7. Not-for-Profit: We are a licensed not-for-profit agency. Our concern is the people involved in the adoption process, not financial gain.