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Charles' Story

Charles decided he would search for his birth mother with little expectations for results Katrina found her, but unfortunately she passed away before Charles had the chance to meet her. However, it wasn't too late to learn about her and the other children she had. After that, Charles learned more than he ever expected, and gained a family he hadn't had before. READ HIS STORY

James and Edith's Story

Tomorrow marks one year since I received a phone call from you letting me know that James was looking for me. I had given up hope on this ever happening and when it did, I was scared to death. I told James a few weeks ago that mother's day has always been so difficult for me; even after I had my two children. There was always a missing piece of my heart. I decided that my new mother's day is June 18th and that will remain for the rest of my life. It doesn't have a Hallmark card, but hey. You can't have everything.

I wanted to give you an update and I want you to know that we are one of the happy stories. James and I began emailing on an almost daily basis once I opened up the records. The weekend after Thanksgiving, we had our first phone call. In March, James came to Colorado where he was welcomed to the family by his brother and sister, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends of the family.

I am planning a trip to Chicago in July to visit four legged and two legged grandchildren, and to get to know James' wife. I have also been in touch with his mom and look forward to a day when I can hug her and tell her thank you. While I know this must be difficult for her and James' dad, they have been nothing but gracious and kind to me.

In short, I want you to know how grateful I am to you for your part in the healing of my heart and soul. This was a burden that I carried for 33 years. It colored all of my relationships, including that of my other children. I feel fully happy and healed for the first time since the day I watched the nurse leave my hospital room with James. I will always think of you on "my" mother's day Katrina.

Bless you!

Shon-Mark and Meredith's Reunion Story

I thought I should write a sincere and very heartfelt letter of gratitude to St Elizabeth’s, and specifically their Adoption Search Specialist, Katrina Carlisle. Back in 1968 and 1970, my parents adopted my brother and me respectively. I was raised knowing I was adopted, and accepted it as an abstract notion. My parents were both very loving people and never treated my brother and me any different than their natural child. Several years ago, my brother chose to reunite with his birth mother, but at that time, I had no interest in doing the same. Over time, I had the opportunity to meet his birth mother and we became close friends. Over the years, she has always told me how important it was for her to meet the son she gave up for adoption. Last year, I decided I would take the leap and find my birth mother too. My parents, family, and close friends all supported our decision to find out where I came from. After only a few days, Katrina was able to locate by birth mother, and we began the process of reuniting. On July 5th, 2013 I met my mother, Meredith, and my grandmother Patty. After a short visit, they departed, leaving me with directions to a picnic they were hosting in my honor. At the picnic I met my 5 half siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, great aunts and close family friends… I couldn’t believe that nearly 50 family members came out to meet me. It was the most natural and comfortable experience I could have hoped for! Since then, I have kept in touch with all of them, learning more about my kin, and learning many of my best traits are hereditary, including my sense of humor which I always attributed to my adoptive mother. Turns out my birth mother and adoptive mother are very similar people. A better match could not have been made. Now I know those who raised me and those who I share genes are the complete picture making up my life. I am so lucky. Thank you Katrina for making this reunion possible. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Shon-Mark Shafer

Bryan & Jennifer's Reunion Story

Jan. 1964 was a very wonderful and sad day for me. I had my firstborn child and had to say goodbye to him a few days later. I held, rocked and spent time with my son before we had to part. I was asked if I would like to name him and I was surprised that I was given that choice. I said "YES". I named him Bryan. It was a very painful day one which I will never forget! I always knew when he became 21 I was going to try to find him. What I did not know was how hard this would be!! Everything is a very big secret and locked tight in Indiana from that time. I spent many years putting my name in data bases all over. One day, my husband and I decided to visit St. Elizabeth/Coleman. I went in to learn that St. Elizabeth's now had the Coleman Home records!! What a shock!! The nicest lady asked me to wait and Katrina would be happy to speak with me and probably could help me!! Another shock!! No one had ever offered to help me in 25 years so I was speechless. Katrina was so nice, helpful, caring and knowledgeable of what I should do to begin my search!! I was very excited and scared thinking about what was about to unfold. Katrina talked with me about all the different outcomes that could happen, and of course we both had a smile on our faces hoping for nothing less than wonderful!! That was a Thursday and by Monday she had found my son!! He seemed very excited and happy that he was found!! He said he had also tried with his adopted Mom in the mid 80's to find me with no sucess. I believe finding Bryan was nothing short of a miracle as the lawyer that did the adoption changed his county, city and hospital in which he was born! I do not understand how this could be done but we would have NEVER found each other on our own. Katrina was definitely our angel that day!! I then began talking endlessly to Katrina as I just could not hardly believe what I was hearing!! Katrina then helped with the email and pictures between us!! Katrina then sent him the papers that needed to be sent to Vital Records in Indy. Darci, who was amazing, started quickly to work on our file and got everything in order, we received our letters from the state and everything began happening!!!

I now have met Bryan (the name I had given him) his wife Angie and their son Trevor!! We have been together often and our children have been excited to have a new family member.

I am once again blessed to have been given the chance to be in Bryan's life!!
I am also blessed to have a wonderful family that can accept Bryan, Angie and Trevor!!
I am also blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves me and supported me through all of this!!

And to my Special Angel Katrina, that not only made this wonderful journey happen, but I feel as I have a Special friend and sister!!

With Hope & Prayers,Jennifer & Alan Holden

Scott & Sherryl's Reunion Story

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to St. Elizabeth Coleman and Mrs. Carlisle for the kindness, love and caring that was shown while assisting to locate my son. After much hesitation, questions, and concerns, I applied to have my son located. He is 47 years old. Fear was my biggest factor..... fear of rejection, not being able to locate him, and fear of what I was going to say to him if and when we did meet. The minute I got the call and heard my son say "mom" my life which has never felt complete...... was finally complete.

I would encourage anyone who is contemplating reuniting with a son/daughter to start the process. It is worth the peace of mind to find out information of your loved one. St. Elizabeth Coleman not only locates your loved one, they are very supportive about any questions, doubts, reassurance, and family counseling that might be needed. I feel I have a lifelong friend with Mrs. Carlisle, she has an amazing spirit of caring!!!

Thank you again, Sherryl