Parent Support Group

Our agency offers a Parent Support Group for women who are struggling with life's challenges. Originally, this group was formed to better serve women requesting material assistance from our agency by offering them further parenting and educational support thru a group setting. We also invite our pregnant clients to join this group.

The goal of the Parent Support Group is to provide support to mothers by presenting educational topics related to parenting (such as Budgeting Tips, Higher Education Options Job Search, Childcare, Child Abuse Prevention, Child Development, Nutrition & Exercise, Cooking & Recipes). In addition, we provide the women with emotional support and encourage them to support each other. The Parent Support group is an ongoing, open group that meets monthly. Attendees are allowed to bring their young children to the group meetings. A play area is provided at one end of the meeting room. Support group members also receive donations, such as household items, diapers/wipes, children's clothing and toiletries.

Please call (317-787-3412) or email Cheryl, the group leader, if you would like more information about the group or if you are interested in joining our Parent Support Group. 

Other Local Assistance

  • Life Choices Care Center (Greenfield): Free pregnancy test, and counseling for men and women

  • Pregnancy Choices Indy (many locations): Pregnacny testing and free ultrasounds, as well as service referrals

  • Birthline (Indianapolis): Provide material assistance to pregnant women and new mothers

  • Crisis (Indianapolis): Food pantry, clothing, gas vouchers, bus tickets, limited rent & utilities assistance for emergencies.

How to request donations?

Donations Program

The donations program is referral based only*. 

The referral can come from a caseworker or social worker you are already working with, or your/your childs doctors office.

The referral needs to have the following:

  1. Be on the agencies or clinics letter head
  2. Have the clients/parents NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER
  3. Have either the ESTIMATED DUE DATE and GENDER and/or the children(s) SEX, AGE, and SIZES.
  4. Referral may be faxed to 317-787-0482

New mothers may be interested in our layettes. Layettes contain an assortment of basic baby items. This often includes clothing and newborn & size 1 diapers with wipes. We will add certain items (such as blankets, bottles, and bibs) to the layette depending on availability.

*Policy changed January 1, 2018

Please call Christine at 317-787-3412 for any questions regarding our Donation Program.