Suggested Websites

1.National Adoption Information Clearinghouse

( Summaries of state by state law, databases of agencies, support groups, excellent information for those starting out.

2.Adoptive Families Magazine

( Award-winning national magazine for pre and post adoptive families.

3.North American Council on Adoptable Children

( Parent support group and subsidy information.

4.National Adoption Center

( National photo listing of waiting children; information and resources.

5.Joint Council on International Children’s Services

( Intercountry adoption agencies promoting ethical practice and child welfare services.

6.U.S. State Department

( Exclusively to intercountry adoption. Access to notices and updates posted by U.S. government regarding adoption status in various countries.

( offers general adoption information.

( Resource for people considering adoption.

9.The International Adoption Page (Department of Homeland Security)



( General information on transracial adoption.

11.Pact: An Adoption Alliance

( Valuable articles & links on race & adoption.

12.Adoption Books

( Provides a list of categories that touch all aspects of adoption.

13.Perspective Press Articles and recommended books

14.Tapestry Books

( Excellent adoption book catalogue


( An excellent resource for adoption books, music, videos, gifts

16.Ethica: A Voice for Ethical Adoption

( Ethica is an independent, nonprofit cooperation that seeks to be and impartial voice for ethical adoption practices worldwide, and provides education, assistance and advocacy to the adoption community.

( Features fact sheets and links covering open adoption, international adoption, crisis pregnancy and surrogacy.

18.Adopt Us Kids

( A national photo listing service for children awaiting adoption across the United States.