Special Events

Birthmother Luncheon

The Birth Mother Luncheon is an annual event that honors the women who have placed a child for adoption through our agency (either St. Elizabeth’s, Coleman or St. Elizabeth | Coleman) throughout the years.

This event gives us an opportunity to honor and celebrate these women; acknowledging their courage, love, and strength. This event also gives the women an opportunity to share their stories with other women who have gone through this journey. Each year we have a tasty lunch, entertainment, speakers, sharing time, and gifts.

One of our favorite traditions is our balloon release ceremony. We write names, notes and memories on our balloons and then release them together honoring our loss and love for children placed for adoption.

If you'd like to receive more information and an invitation to the 2020 Luncheon, please email Cheryl at cgarlinger@secindy.org

See photos from the 2016 and 2021 Luncheon here.

Birthmom Journey, Our Birthmother Support Group

RSVP to Cheryl (cgarlinger@secindy.org)

WELCOME to the Birth Mom Journey (Support Group). This is a "Secret", closed Facebook group, so your confidentiality is maintained. Only women who have placed children for adoption through St. Elizabeth's, Coleman or St. Elizabeth / Coleman are invited to participate in this group. We will use this secret Facebook Group as a way to have discussions and support each other, as opposed to meeting face-to-face. We have weekly topic suggestions. We currently have over 40 active members, who use this Group to support each other and relate to one another.

If you'd like to be invited to our Online Support Group, please email a request to Cheryl Garlinger at cgarlinger@secindy.org.

Fall Festival

Pending 2021 Date

3pm - 6pm

St. Elizabeth | Coleman invites you to celebrate Adoption Awareness Month with a family-friendly Fall Festival, in our agency's backyard (at 2500 Churchman Ave.) 
Bring your family and friends and enjoy FREE activities, such as face painting, games, and more. We will also offer food, smores, and drinks for a small fee. Come and spend an afternoon with our staff; meet new and old friends and discover their connection to Adoption.

Join us to bring together our adoption community.

For questions, please call Nadja at (317) 787-3412

Virtual Fundraiser (Past Event)

St. Elizabeth| Coleman Giving Birth to Hope Virtual Fundraiser

Every gift doubled through a $10,000 match!

Where: Recorded Zoom

Date: Thursday, November 12

Time: 5:30 to 6:30pm

Details: Join us for an evening of hope. Hear stories from an adoptive family and a longtime supporter. Learn how St. Elizabeth| Coleman works with mothers and adoptive families.


View recorded Video here


Please submit any questions to: Rhummel@SECindy.org

Everett's Drive for Hope

A fundraising drive in memory of Everett Eric

Click Everett's photo to go to the fundraisers Facebook group

My name is Stephanie Ralich, and I work for St. Elizabeth| Coleman in the International Adoption Program. On 8/11/10, my family’s life changed forever as I delivered a very anticipated and very loved stillborn baby boy. Our son, Everett Eric, had a cord accident at the end of my pregnancy. We were completely devastated.
My husband and I have decided to start “Everett’s Drive for Hope” to continue helping numerous women and children, through St. Elizabeth| Coleman, in honor of Everett’s 10th birthday. There are many items the agency needs, to serve families effectively. You can help with this cause in several ways.

1. Purchase items through our Amazon Wish List, and have them shipped directly to the agency (2500 Churchman Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203). Click here.
2. You can submit a check to the agency, for us to purchase needed items. Make the check payable to St. Elizabeth| Coleman, and write “Everett” in the memo line.
3. You can go to this link to make an online monetary donation to the drive.


You can collect items on the Amazon Wish List (generic items are welcome) and deliver them to St. Elizabeth| Coleman.

Thank you for your participation in Everett’s Drive for Hope. We are excited to see how many women and children will be helped because of Everett!

With love,

Stephanie Ralich
International Adoption Coordinator

(317) 787-3412

19th Annual Bob Coffman Memorial Golf Scramble

The 18th Annual Bob Coffman Memorial Golf Scramble in part benefits women & children in need. This annual golf scramble raises money to benefit our agency’s Pregnancy, Adoption & Parenting Programs. You can help us make a positive impact on our community and support the mission of St. Elizabeth | Coleman!

Visit our facebook page for fun updates. 

View photos of last year's Golf Scramble here. 


Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event a success!

List of On-going Events

  • Birth Mother Luncheon (Private event, call Cheryl at 317-787-3412 for more information)


  • Birthmom Journey (Private online Group, please call Cheryl at 317-787-3412 for more information)


  • Fall Festival (Open to public)


  • Everett's Drive for Hope (Online event)


  • Bob Coffman Golf Memorial Scramble (Date Pending) (Open to public)