Adoption Training & Education

Adoption Information Seminar

Fall 2020

This seminar is the starting point of your Adoption journey. Information is shared about our domestic and international adoption programs.  In addition, we review St. Elizabeth|Coleman Adoption policies, procedures, fees, services etc. During this meeting, you will also receive the 'Application to Adopt'. To see if you are eligible to adopt from our agency, check our Domestic Adoption Page.

Need to know 

  • Usually lasts about 2 hours 
  • Please park in the North parking lot 
  • Use the Conference Room door at the rear of the building
  • RSVP is not required
  • As space is limited we will not be able to accommodate children

If you have any further questions contact Renee Hummel at 317-787-3412(ext 15) or  

Transracial / Transcultural Training

Fall 2020

9:30 AM- 4:00 PM

This training is for any adoptive parent (and their families) considering adopting a child of a race or ethnicity different than their own. It is open to clients of all agencies not just St. Elizabeth|Coleman. Nadja Radtke, International Adoption Homestudy Supervisor, leads this training.  

Training will consist of

  • Tips for addressing racism and prejudices
  • Tips for responding to comments and questions
  • Tips for helping your child feel comfortable with themselves, family, and cultural identity
  • Panel of adult adoptees speaking about their experiences growing up in a racially diverse family



RSVP: Please send an email to Nadja with the number of persons attending, the names of all attending and a contact phone number or call 317-787-3412. Space is limited, so register early.


Need to know

  • Each participate will receive a certificate for 5 hours of training
  • this training is also approved by DCS for foster parents 
  • $20 fee per person ($10 for those adopting through St. Elizabeth|Coleman and free to all grandparents)
  • Fee is payable at the door by cash or personal check
  • Light refreshments are served; no lunch provided
  • More detailed Information is provided on the flyer for this training (click here to open).


Domestic Adoption Seminar

At this training, members of our adoption team will be providing information about all aspects of Adoption in an educational, fun and interactive way. We will share ideas and suggestions on how to talk to your child about adoption.

If you have completed the following steps, you will be invited to this training

  • Attended our Adoption Information Seminar
  • Met with the Director of Pregnancy & Adoption Services, Renee Hummel, for an interview

Support Group for Waiting Adoptive Families

Agency Director, Renee Hummel, facilitates an ongoing online support group for potential adoptive couples currently on our waiting list.

We offer support, discuss topics of concern, education on different ways to approach and positively speak about adoption, and a place to share with other adoptive couples that may be experiencing the same issues you feel need discussed.