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WELCOME to the Birth Mom Journey (Support Group). This is a "Secret", closed Facebook group, so your confidentiality is maintained. Only women who have placed children for adoption through St. Elizabeth's, Coleman or St. Elizabeth | Coleman are invited to participate in this group. We will use this secret Facebook Group as a way to have discussions and support each other, as opposed to meeting face-to-face. We have weekly topic suggestions. We currently have over 40 active members, who use this Group to support each other and relate to one another.

If you'd like to be invited to our Online Support Group, please email a request to Cheryl Garlinger at

Birth Mother Luncheon

The Birth Mother Luncheon is an annual event that honors the women who have placed a child for adoption through our agency (either St. Elizabeth’s, Coleman or St. Elizabeth | Coleman) throughout the years.

This event gives us an opportunity to honor and celebrate these women; acknowledging their courage, love, and strength. This event also gives the women an opportunity to share their stories with other women who have gone through this journey. Each year we have a tasty lunch, entertainment, speakers, sharing time, and gifts.

One of our favorite traditions is our balloon release ceremony. We write names, notes, and memories on our balloons and then release them together honoring our loss and love for children placed for adoption.

If you'd like to receive more information and an invitation to the 2020 (10 year) Luncheon, please email Cheryl at

See photos from past luncheons by clicking the links below.

2016 Luncheon here.