Birthmother Testimonials

Mary's Story

One afternoon in late January, we received a phone call from a young woman in need of help. Mary contacted St. Elizabeth | Coleman during her 5th month of pregnancy. During our first phone call, she was scared, uncertain, and afraid of judgment. After meeting with one of our Pregnancy & Adoption counselors her fears melted away. She would later talk about her initial emotions and said during the first meeting she was feeling comfortable, experiencing acceptance, and becoming hopeful about the future.

Mary was 27-years-old and parenting 3 children. Her pregnancy was a result of rape. Mary’s family members provided her with finances to get an abortion. To Mary, abortion was never an option. She came to St. Elizabeth | Coleman to begin making an adoption plan because she valued the life of her child too much to end it. After the initial meeting, Mary returned to the agency every single week until she delivered her baby. During her counseling appointments, she set personal goals and quickly began reaching the immediate ones. Mary selected and met an amazing adoptive family who would later hold her hand during the delivery. Per Mary’s request, the adoptive mother, Sandra, was able to experience the birth of her daughter. Mary and Sandra shared a very special moment in their lives: both were present when their daughter took her first breath. Mary has since then returned to our agency for post-placement grief and loss counseling. She cries tears of sorrow but also tears of joy. Mary strongly believes that God has guided her to our agency and only through his guidance and support was she able to complete her adoption plan.

Mary now attends our monthly parent support group. She enjoys the company of other mothers, learning about community resources, and receiving assistance through our donations program.

St. Elizabeth | Coleman believes in lifelong services and supporting our client’s parenting or adoption choices.

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