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We honor your love...

"We want to offer a safe and loving home through adoption. We know you're facing an incredibly difficult and selfless choice. We honor your love and commitment."

Meet Ryan and Maureen

"We have been married since 2017. We recently bought our first house and look forward to raising a family here. We're both librarians and enjoy everyday activities like reading, listening to music, and gardening together."
Maureen grew up mostly in Indiana and wanted to be a Children's Librarian since middle school and is happy to say that she's achieved her dream! She graduated with a Bachelor's in English while living in Oregon. She then achieved her Master's in Library and Information Science. She loves working with kids of all ages. She is now a Youth Services Supervisor at a local library. 
Ryan grew up in Missouri and he received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Art History with a minor in Studio Art. Ryan direct a career path that would match his scholarly nature along with his desire to help others. He discovered he loved working in libraries and achieved a Master of Library Science. He now works as a Public Services Librarian and loves his job.

Our Story


"Ryan is sweet, goofy, and funny. He loves his family and friends and takes care of the people around him. I love how kind Ryan is, especially to anyone who needs a little extra help. He's always the first to offer someone a ride or a listening ear. He's passionate about so many special interests, including science fiction, history, religion, and baseball. I appreciate the curiosity and wonder he has, especially his love of art and music. He's a kind and supportive partner who's always patient and understanding and does his best to take care of our little family. I know he'll be a great father!"



"Maureen is sweet, introverted, artistic, playful, intelligent, compassionate, and creative. I appreciate that Maureen is supportive of my interests, and she is compassionate and loving. I enjoy spending time with her - whether it is going on a walk, reading together, or playing board games. She is a calming presence. Maureen is very intuitive and insightful and I find that to be helpful. I also appreciate Maureen for her willingness, to be honest with me about how she is feeling or if I have offended her. I also appreciate her creativity! And I love how goofy she can be. She can always make me laugh if I am feeling sad! I also enjoy going on dates with Maureen! We love to go explore parks together, try new restaurants, and go to the movies!"



Ryan has an older brother and a younger brother. His father and mother both live in Missouri with their respective spouses. Ryan talks with his parents several times a week and visits each of them about three times a year. Ryan's older brother lives in Illinois. Ryan has a nice memory of his older brother taking him to the arcade when he was younger. They communicate regularly through social media and visit every few years. Ryan's younger brother is 14 years younger than him. Ryan helped babysit him when he was in high school and college on summer break. Ryan maintains a close relationships with his younger brother, communicating regularly and visiting when Ryan sees their parents. 



Maureen is the oldest of three and is close to her mom. Maureen's father has passed away and her mother lives in Oregon and communicates with her every week. Her younger brother also lives in Oregon, and she texts regularly they can visit twice a year due to distance. Her younger sister lives in Massachusetts, and they have a very close relationship. Growing up they have fond memories of sharing a bedroom and being each other playmates. 



"We bought our house in 2022 and love the year and it's the old-fashioned charm." They moved into their lovely ranch home in 2022. There is a fenced-in backyard. They have family and friends visit regularly and out of town family spends the night when they visit as well. They also have a beautiful garden and porch.



Ryan and Maureen have a strong connection with adoption already. They both have family and friends that were adopted. These relationships have been a great source of support for them. 


They are open to emails, letters, blog updates, and meeting at the agency 1-2 times a year.


Interests and Hobbies


  • Crafts (knitting and sewing)
  • Reading
  • Cooking and baking
  • Gardening
  • Music


  • Reading
  • Watching films (especially Sci-Fi)
  • Music
  • Gardening
  • Baseball
  • Attending concerts
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Hiking


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