Open Adoption Testimonials

Baby Landon

Our birth mom is a wonderful, amazing, loving person. Our family is so grateful to her for blessing us with our beautiful son Landon. Landon is so funny, full of personality, loving, active, and of course adorable. We have had several amazing visits with his birth mom, and between those visits we have sent detailed letters and tons of pictures. We both say, “it feels like we have known each other forever”. We enjoy talking about similarities between Landon and his birth siblings, when they stared walking, teething, and all the good stuff. We are planning another visit soon and we can’t wait to see them again. The anticipation is indescribable. I am not for sure if anyone can really verbally express what adoption does for a couple although I can say it has brought us joy, laughter, a love, and peace that we have never known. We became a complete family through adoption. Without our gracious birth mother we would not have ever known this love that she first showed us.

Baby Jasmine

We have a beautiful little girl that was given to us through adoption. She has bought so much love & happiness into our lives. She is one blessing that we will be forever grateful for, as we cannot have children of our own. Our relationship with her birth family is very special as we stay in contact and have visits every three-four months. It is a unique relationship that we will continue on with for our daughter to know other half of our family.
We not only gained a daughter but a whole other family.

Baby Carson

Our lives were forever changed through adopting our son, Carson. Carson is full of life, adorable, loving and has brought so much joy to our family. It is so exciting to watch Carson grow and change each day. We meet with the birth family about every three months so they can see how he is changing and growing. These visits are a great opportunity for us to get to know the birth family better and continue to grow closer in our relationship with them. The visits also offer the birth family a chance to show Carson that they love and care about him. We send pictures to the birth parents between visits so they can see how he is changing.

We always knew we wanted adoption to be a part of our family, but didn't realize the impact it would have on us. We are so blessed to have such an amazingly perfect addition to our family. Our love has continued to grow more and more everyday. We are so thankful that Carson's birth family loved him so much to choose adoption and to choose us to be his parents.

We have really enjoyed working with St. Elizabeth / Coleman and appreciate all the support they have offered to our birth family and to us through our adoption story.