Community Referral Donation Program

How to request donation items.

The donations program is referral based only*. 

The referral can come from a caseworker or social worker you are already working with, or your/your child's, doctors office and must be sent before the client comes to pick up donation items.

When supplies are ready, (usually within 7-14 days), agency will call client with pickup details; items must be picked up within 1-2 weeks. No walk-in assistance is available. 

What needs to be on the referral?

The referral needs to have the following:

  1. Be on the agencies or clinics letter head, or emailed by caseworkers work email
  2. Have the clients/parents NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER
  3. Have either the ESTIMATED DUE DATE and GENDER and/or the children(s) GENDER, AGE, and SIZES.
  4. Referral may be faxed to 317-787-0482 or emailed to Christine from caseworkers work email

What's a layette?

Pregnant mothers/mothers of newborns may be interested in our layettes. Layettes contain an assortment of basic baby items. This often includes clothing and newborn & size 1 diapers with wipes. We will add certain items (such as blankets, bottles, and bibs) to the layette depending on availability.

Important Information

  1.  The donations we have are given to us by many supporters who want to help mothers, children and families. 

  1.  In general, we usually have diapers, wipes, infant and children’s clothing. 

  1. We will not always have all the items you may need. 

  1.  Due to the number of mothers, children and families we are helping, we can only accept one donation request per household every six (6) months or 2x per year, whichever comes first. 

*Policy changed January 1, 2018

Please call Christine at 317-787-3412 for any questions regarding our Donation Program.

Who can we provide items to?

We try to keep all sizes from preemie to adult sizes. We have a modest selection for teens. Currently we can help with shoes and maternity clothing.