Post Adoption for a Birthmother

I placed my child for adoption…….Now What?


317-787-3412 ext. 27

(Available Monday and Thursday)

Here's a list of things to expect after making an adoption plan with us.

  • Your Baby goes home with the adoptive couple directly from hospital


  • You can receive updates & pictures from the adoptive couple soon after placement


  • If desired, visits with the adoptive couple can be scheduled soon after placement


  • The agency can assists with communication between you and the adoptive couple


  • You are offered FREE adoption-related life-long counseling. Our counselors are trained in adoption of grief / loss counseling. Cheryl is our post-adoption counselor. You can contact her at the office on Monday and/or Thursday at (317) 787-3412 ext. 10


  • Your feelings toward the adoption will change over time, therefore we offer life-long counseling. We offer 2 options for counseling:
    1) Individual Counseling and/or
    2) Birthmother Support Group (where women who share the same experience, receive mutual support from one another with the help of a professional counselor).


  • If desired, you can communicate with another birthmother that has placed a child for adoption with our agency, who can be your mentor during your adoption journey.


  • You get invited to the Annual Birthmother Celebration Luncheon, hosted by the agency, where we celebrate your and other birthmothers’ strength and choice for life. ( See photos from last year's celebration)  If you would like an invite to this event, please just tell your counselor you would like to be notified when this event is coming up. Cheryl is the one who coordinates this event for our past birth mother clients. 


  • Counselors will assist you with goal setting, based on your individual needs.


  • Counselors offer information for community resources that can assist in other areas of your life