Great Community Relationships result in Great Services

Indiana Adoption Agency – Community Teamwork

St. Elizabeth / Coleman, a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Indianapolis, has a long-standing history in the Indianapolis community. This agency has been serving pregnant women for over 110 years!

St. Elizabeth / Coleman also has many connections and valuable relationships with other community agencies. "Our goal is to help and support pregnant women in a crisis pregnancy", says Nadja Radtke, Pregnancy & Adoption Counselor. Among many other services, St. Elizabeth / Coleman assists pregnant women in their desision making, whether to parent their child or make an adoption plan. Once a pregnant woman decides to parent her child, St. Elizabeth / Coleman is there to assist her with a baby layette, but also to connect her to the appropriate community resources.

The St. Elizabeth / Coleman staff often visits local community agencies to update or educate their clients or staff about its services and events. For instance, St. Elizabeth / Coleman presents information to women at the Julian Center, a domestic violence shelter in Indianapolis. The Julian Center residents learn about the agency's services to pregnant women, as well as parenting women. "We want to educate women about our agency as a community resource, once they leave the Julian Center. For example, we offer a parenting support group that they can join. We want them to know that we are there for them!", says Nadja Radtke.

On the flipside, St. Elizabeth / Coleman heavily relies on volunteer assistance from community members. This adoption agency is very blessed to have many communtiy organziations interested in helping. For instance, local Catholic High Schools and The United Way of Central Indiana are a tremendous help in a variety of ways.