Say This Not That

Restoring the love: The reason and way we are removing “Putting up for adoption” from your vocab

Beginning in the mid 1850’s as part of an effort to increase their lifestyle, orphaned children where moved via train from overpopulated eastern cities to the West. However, what seemingly started as an act of love and mercy soon turned dark. It became common practice for children to be “put up” on stages and examined by potential guardians. Teeth, strength, and overall health were the main concern for adults looking for an additional hand on the farm or around the house. From these showings came the term “putting up for adoption”, a phrase that removes the love.

We want to emphasize the love! As many know, adoption is a difficult choice made with the child’s best interest in mind. We can think of no greater act of love than a woman giving her child a world she knows they can use to grow and succeed. It’s a deliberate and heavily considered placement based on the love and support the child will receive. We use the term “placing for adoption” to demonstrate this process. It’s a phrase that captures the sacrifice and removes negativity. Our goal is to keep the love throughout, even in something as simple as 3 words.

Photo: Jeremy Keith on Flickr