Pregnancy Center in Indianapolis

Pregnancy Center in Indianapolis Offers Free Services for Pregnant Women

Having a new baby in the family is always a joyous occasion for parents, as a baby is truly a blessing. Pregnant women typically begin preparing for the baby months before the expected birthdate. From preparing the baby’s clothing to getting prenatal check-ups. Agencies like St. Elizabeth| Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Services understand all the tasks involved in getting ready for the baby, and aim to help women prepare for that upcoming bundle of joy with the help of qualified and experienced counselors.

However, sometimes a pregnancy is not planned, and causes a great deal of concern to the woman who might not be prepared for parenthood. Pregnancy agencies are staffed with experienced counselors who can help women make the best decisions for their baby.

Pregnant women can be greatly aided by a pregnancy center in Indianapolis in various ways. These agencies provide pregnant women and new mothers with basic items like baby layettes, blankets, diapers, and other baby necessities through our support groups and community donation program. Aside from this, St. Elizabeth| Coleman also offers counseling services for the mother herself. To address more specialized needs, the agency networks with the appropriate community resources. These are only some of the reasons St. Elizabeth| Coleman became a pregnancy center Indianapolis residents trust.

There are instances though, in which a mother feels not ready to parent her child and decides to make an adoption plan. In these cases, St. Elizabeth| Coleman arranges for legal adoption of the child. Expectant mothers are teamed up with a professional counselor from the beginning who assists them for a lifetime, and has their best interests in mind. This service is free of charge and confidential. The expectant mother and father, if he is involved, has the option to choose which family will adopt her child and meet the adoptive family of choice.