How a Pregnancy Center in Indianapolis Helps Women Cope with Unplanned Pregnancies


For some women, the positive result of a pregnancy test can cause anxiety, shock or confusion, as they are unsure about how to cope with this situation. This is especially true in cases of unplanned pregnancies.

According to the Indiana University website, 37 percent of pregnancies in the United States from 2006 to 2010 were unplanned. Women who experience an unintended pregnancy can greatly benefit from a strong support system. They can turn to a pregnancy center in Indianapolis, like St. Elizabeth /Coleman, for help.

Pregnancy and Adoption Agencies not only provide the emotional support that women need but also help in ensuring optimum health during their pregnancy. Through health and nutrition counseling services, expectant mothers learn about their new unique needs. As they become familiar with proper prenatal care, the risk of birth complications lessens while the potential of giving birth to a healthy baby increases.

The counselors at St. Elizabeth / Coleman also help expectant mothers decide what to do after giving birth—whether to parent the child or place their child for adoption. Established pregnancy and adoption agencies, like St. Elizabeth/Coleman, inform and educate expectant mothers on all of their pregnancy options. Counselors don't dictate the women on what to do, but rather let them decide on their own and provide the support they need, whichever option they

If a woman does decide that adoption is best for her child, the agency sees to it that the Indianapolis adoption process, as provided for by the applicable state laws, goes smoothly. Thus, a counselor will educate a potential birthmother about adoption laws, policies and steps of an adoption plan. A counselor will help her prepare in making her own ideal adoption plan.

To a woman finding out that she is with child should be a moment of pure joy and delight. However, this isn't always the case, particularly when it involves unplanned pregnancies. Expectant mothers can be relieved to know they can turn to a pregnancy agency for help and answers.