Working with Adoption Agencies in Indianapolis: How to make an Adoption Plan

How to make an Adoption Plan

There are many reasons that women facing unplanned pregnancies decide to place their babies with adoptive families. From the desire to give her child a financially stable life full of opportunities to the hope that her baby will be raised in a loving family, there's no doubt that love for one's child is the foundation of every birth mother's decision. For expectant mothers who are considering adoption, there are trusted adoption agencies in Indianapolis such as St. Elizabeth/Coleman Pregnancy & Adoption Services, which can assist them in the entire process. Your personal adoption plan is composed of the following steps:

Education and Preliminary Paperwork

Once she steps inside an adoption agency, the pregnant woman will be teamed up with a counselor, who will listen to her situation, and offer her information about the adoption process. Basic background information is collected and initial documents are completed by the client.

Choosing and Meeting the Adoptive Family

It's not unusual for pregnant women with unplanned pregnancies to feel torn between deciding to raise their babies, or place them for adoption. However, learning more about the adoption process and getting to know the adoptive family is very helpful in clearing away doubts or fears. The women choose among several adoptive parents and are given the opportunity to meet before making a final choice.

Making Hospital Plans

Clients compose a hospital plan, which specifies how her hospital stay and delivery will be. From the type of delivery to who first holds the baby, she reserves the right to take charge of all aspects of the hospital plan. After giving birth, the mother signs a formal and legal consent to transfer her parental rights to the adoptive parents.

Receiving Updates and Counseling

Most birth and adoptive parents opt for open relationships in which the birth mother can receive regular updates and pictures of the child and also visit each other. The Indianapolis adoption counselors of St. Elizabeth / Coleman will be there to provide support and counseling even after the childbirth and adoption.

An adoption plan ensures the bright future of the child and peace of mind for the birth mother and birth family. With the help of professionals from established adoption agencies, such as St. Elizabeth / Coleman, an unplanned pregnancy need not be difficult. Indeed, there is a silver lining to every cloud; and in this case, adoption may be the ray of hope needed.